Sunday, January 30, 2011

That was some good shit, man

Okay, I'm flipping through channels this morning after watching Supercross, and may I say that CBS did a damn good job of breaking up their hour broadcast of commercials with a little bit of racing, when I spotted a show I haven't seen in a few decades on our local PBS channel.

"Lidsville" aka "The Land of Living Hats" and I'm all, "No way" and the TV is all "way" and I had to sit down and watch this blast from the Psychedelic Past and I'm all "Whoa, that's some good shit man" and then realized that *I* haven't taken any hallucinogenics in the last 2 decades (wait, lemme think about that, carry the one and what year is it and okay I'm good) but Lidsville and the whole Sid and Marty Krofft World was a world of some serious drugs, man.  The GOOD drugs.  Unless Living Hats freaks you out and I can see why they would.

I remember thinking Mark was so cute until I realized he was played by Eddie Munster and then that kind of killed THAT crush but I like how he's wearing Van's Canvas Authentic deck shoes which were the shoe of choice of my childhood and teen years and still are for this neck of the woods.  That's why they're Classics.

And I am having the WORST time getting this stupid video to work with this post and I've tried it about a jillion times and I STILL don't know if it will show up.  I'm sure it's all drug related.

Because that was some good shit, man.

Ah screw it.  The video STILL won't post so you get a link instead.  Click on it and prepared to be totally tripped out, man.

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  1. We had a hilarious moment this morning here. Someone was trying to open a new pack of Puffs tissues and someone else had the bright idea that Puffs should totally use the slogan, "Puffs, Puffs, pass".

    I swear we laughed about that for 10 minutes.

    p.s. Sid and Marty must have never passed the Puffs. what with all the H.R. Puff-n-stuff. Bah!!