Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh no she di'int!

Remember how I've described how my dog, Gracie Lou, likes to chew things she's not supposed to?  And how she chewed up and destroyed my Kate Spade sunglasses forcing me to go back to my old stand by Ralph Lauren sunglasses even though they're all scratched up but I still love them?


Guess what I woke up to find this morning?  Go ahead, guess!

Um, yeah.

So now, I'm forced to wear one of my many other pairs of sunglasses that just aren't quite right.

She's lucky she's so darn cute.
And innocent looking.  Looks are SO deceiving.


  1. She is too precious. But yeah, there is a distinctive "I'm trouble" look about her. I recognize it from my Siberian Husky who likes to eat lipstick as much as Gracie Lou likes the sunglasses.

  2. I thought my morons had stopped chewing. And so I wasn't as careful as I used to be. They ate a beautiful pair of shoes the other night. Their sweetness is the only thing that saved them.

    Your Gracie Lou could be forgiven anything.

  3. A good taxidermist can keep the cute look. ;)