Sunday, December 20, 2009

Robocops and Christmas Trees

Ok, so now that the 2009 racing season is over and the 2010 season doesn't start until January 1, TheManTheMyth has a couple of free weekends and folks? He has no idea what to do with himself. The motorcycles don't need any tuning or fixing or anything. About the only thing needed to be done on the motorcycles is change the air in the tires. So in a nutshell, he's bored.

How bored, you ask? Bored enough that he's spent the entire day today laying on the couch watching a RoboCop marathon. How bad are these RoboCop movies? They're so bad I would walk out on them on an airplane, that's how bad they are.

So last night, TheManTheMyth was all restless and twitchy when all of a sudden, he gets up and grabs his keys. "Where are you going, my husband?" I ask. And his answer told me how badly he needed something to do: "I'm going to get a goddamn Christmas tree that's gonna cost too much money and will be dead in a week!" Ok, nobody had said ANYTHING about the lack of a Christmas tree but I guess he felt we were all lacking in the Christmas spirit (Yeah, we are. I'll admit it) even though he's the biggest Bah Humbug grinch there is. Or, more likely, he just needed something to do and this was all he could come up with.

So he and Thing 2 head out to the local tree lot and an hour and a half later, come back with a much bigger tree than I was expecting. And of course TheManTheMyth was all grumbling about how expensive it was and what a waste of money and blah blah blah. But here's the funny thing, nobody had complained that we didn't have a tree yet. I had figured we'd go today and get something simple, not massive and not "perfect." Methinks that TheManTheMyth himself NEEDED a Christmas tree.

So I drag out the box o' ornaments and Christmas lights. Now lemme say right now how much I hate putting lights on the tree. It's the biggest pain the butt trying to get the strings of lights on and around the tree. And it never fails that one string is not quite long enough but 2 strings are too long and I have to start doubling back. But I get the lights slapped on and throw on the ornaments and it looks just fine. I don't need or want my tree to look "perfect." I like it to look, well, like a Christmas tree for a family.

So we have the tree and it looks nice and all that but there's a distinct lack of presents under it for now. I told TheManTheMyth that I honestly couldn't think of a single thing I want or need and he feels the same. Although I did get him something that I really didn't want to buy because I absolutely LOATHE the commercials for this product to the point I want to draw and quarter whoever came up with these commercials but I know TheManTheMyth will LOVE it and use the heck out of it. I'm talking about a friggin' Snuggie. Gah!

Doesn't it look swell? Yeah, there are blank spots and we probably should have trimmed some of the branches from the bottom to fit the presents under there (Presents? What presents? We don't need no stinking presents!) and there's no tree topper but I think it'll fly. Oh, I guess I'd better start Christmas shopping. I mean, why rush these things, eh?