Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunshine Day

Don't you just love the cheesy campiness of the Brady Bunch?  Always so happy and uplifting and positive.  Makes your fillings ache and you risk becoming diabetic from all that saccharin.  I mean, I'm not a hand wringing Debbie Downer going all "The sky is falling we're all gonna die!" but I'm also living in reality.

It's like those people on Facebook who are constantly posting Brady Bunch-esque status updates that are all "I'm so blessed.  My husband/children/pet ferret is the most wonderful in the world and the birds are blooming and the flowers are singing and I know that you are envious of me and my fabulous life because *I* am blessed and you are Not.  Cut and paste this as your status if you agree!"

Okay, I totally have to use that as my Facebook status.  Because I am a bitch that way.  It's what makes me so gosh darn loveable.

I think I'll go for a walk outside now, the winter sun's calling my name.


  1. I hate those freakin' posts. I love your idea of a facebook status.

    I have a fb friend who was constantly sending out these gooey, I Heart my husband with all my heart, messages. It was over the top, sickening.

    Just found out this week, they're getting a divorce. Me thinks most of the time, the sunshine is a big old ruse.