Monday, April 25, 2011

Jesus Saves but Esposito Scores on the Rebound

So yesterday was Easter and being as non-religious as all get out, we had a big ol' family frolic at my seester Bippy's house.  There was food galore, massive amounts of alcohol, mostly drunk by my BIL Gaga and his sidekick Sandy, aka, The Creeper" on account he was creeping out Thing 1's girlfriend (but in a funny, dirty old man kind of way) and making highly inappropriate yet hilarious jokes and comments.  Niece Erika made a surprise visit from her home in Reno and we also celebrated young cousin (1st cousin once removed?  2nd cousin?  She's young so we just called her "Niece") Leslie's 20th birthday.

The kids also had an Easter Egg hunt, with Thing 2's Competitive Nature kicking in and there may have been some pushing and shoving and cries of "Hey, Not Fair!"

The highlight of our get together was the Thrilling Egg Toss.  The teams lined up facing each other and the tossing of the eggs commenced.  Yes, we tossed hard boiled eggs because really, who wants to be splattered with gooey raw egg?  But did you know that if you toss a peeled hard boiled egg, it has a tendency to disintegrate in mid air, usually right above face level so that you get splattered with bits and pieces of egg?  Yeah, found that out the hard way, I did. 

Unfortunately, in the midst of all the hilarity of the day, there were tears and cursing and wailing and tearing of hair and rending of garments.
I didn't MEAN to be a Debbie Downer but my hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks, were eliminated in the NHL playoffs right before my very eyes.

Of COURSE I was watching hockey on Easter.

Doesn't everybody?

Jesus would have totally understood.

After all, He Saves.