Monday, October 17, 2011


Things have been a little chaotic here at Chez Kvetch, which is one of the reasons I haven't posted anything in a day or two.  Or six.  Whatever.

The kitchen remodel is coming along.  I can't say that's it's coming along nicely because once again, I do not have a working kitchen.  And it sucks.

Last week, TheManTheMyth started working on the section where the sink was located.  Key word: WAS.

The dishwasher was removed and is now blocking the new finished pantry and I cannot show you how fabulous it looks because there's a dishwasher blocking it.  However, you CAN see the finished upper cabinets in the above photo.


As TheManTheMyth removed the dishwasher (and used it to block access to the pantry), whatever was holding the sink in place gave out and the oh-so heavy (and ugly) cast iron sink came crashing down and lemme tell you, that's one helluva loud sound.  The whole house shook.

So TMTM drags the old sink out and proceeds to remove the cabinet.  Which will have to be completely rebuilt because it was pretty rotted out.  Goody.  This will delay our progress.  But it's okay because on Friday, we realized we had completely forgotten to order the new sink to go into the new sink cabinet.  The new sink will arrive in about 10 days.

As TMTM removed the old cabinet, a couple of things were discovered:  The floor under the sink cabinet and dishwasher were pretty much rotten due to plumbing leaks
and so that section of floor had to be torn out
and the plumbing had to be completely redone.  We also found a swell rat's nest under the cabinet:
but luckily, the occupant was not present.  And we found access holes in the walls from when the old plumbing was done and the plumber didn't bother to fill in the holes thus giving the little rat-bastards easy access.  Fuckers.

So currently, my dishwasher is blocking my pantry, the refrigerator is sitting in the middle of the room, I don't have a sink and have to wash dishes in the bathroom sink, there's tools and assorted flotsam and jetsam covering my dining room table and it's just such a mess I can't stand it.  I also no longer have countertops.

But on the bright side, my fabulous new stove was delivered on Friday but since we can't install it at this time (and God only knows WHEN it can be installed) it just sits in the middle of the floor and has become another flat surface to pile crap on:
Unable to cook, unable to wash dishes, unable to get into my gorgeous new pantry.

Just another day in Paradise.