Saturday, December 31, 2011


It's the day when every blogger blogs about what went on in their lives throughout the year.


Because it's the last day of the year, that's why!

But guess what?


That never gets old.

*I* am not going to do a 2011 retrospective because frankly, not a whole helluva lot went on during 2011 that merits reminiscing about.  I went to Lake Tahoe for a couple of days in August.  That's about it.

Because who lives an exciting life?

Not this gal.

And I'm okay with that.

Once upon a time, I did Fun and Exciting Things to ring in the New Year.

In 1983, I was dating a guy who was the singer in a rock band.  I KNOW, right?  Every girl should go out with a guy in a rock band at least once in their lives and then? Box checked.

Anyway, he had a house party gig on New Year's Eve and I was all excited, so excited in fact that I neglected to actually eat anything in the hours leading up to the party, where I would be starring in the role of "Lead Singer's Girlfriend."

And because it was New Year's Eve and I was the Lead Singer's Girlfriend, which was not as glamorous as it sounds, I was a-drinking and a-partying, all on an empty stomach.

So by the time midnight rolled around, guess who was rolling around in the bushes, puking her guts out?  Oh, I was a LOT of fun that night, lemme tell you.  And The Boyfriend?  Was NOT sympathetic.  Or concerned.  Or attentive.  But what he DID do, was find someone else to kiss at midnight, nice guy that he was.

New Year's Eve 1986 was a good one.  I went and saw the Grateful Dead play one of their famous/infamous New Year's Eve shows.  I went with my boyfriend, The DeadHead, and while the rest of the DeadHeads camped out in the local park, we roughed it at the Marriott in Berkeley.  

Surprisingly, I made it through the entire show without ever once indulging in the recreational chemicals that are plentiful at Dead concerts.  I don't remember why.

Since I've been married to TheManTheMyth, we've spent most of our NYE camping out in the desert with our motorcycle club.  For years, we would cook a gigantic prime rib for the everybody and drink martinis and champagne and set off fireworks, which would scare the crap out of everyone's dogs and there was always drama of some sort including the guy who rolled his truck 1/4 mile from camp and then spent the next few hours wandering through the desert in a daze like Moses if Moses had been drunk and rolled his truck, a few fistfights breaking out amongst long-time friends and guess who decided she's kind of done "celebrating" in that manner?

Which is why I'm saying Farewell 2011, Hello 2012 here at home with Thing 2 and Gracie Lou while TheManTheMyth and Thing 1 are carrying on tradition in the desert.

I will watch my beloved Anaheim Ducks probably get beaten by the Colorado Avalanche because the Ducks are sucking big time this year but I still love them. 

And I will wake up in 2012, without a hangover and I will think about what I can do to make 2012 a little more interesting than 2011 in a way that doesn't involve NHL players filing restraining orders.  Again.