Thursday, December 8, 2011


Despite all evidence to the contrary (have you SEEN my office?), I have a "thing" for organizational stuff.  I buy books that tell me how to declutter and simplify my life.

Never mind that those books have become part of the clutter that has taken over my office, my Special Place, my Sanctuary.  Yeah, it's a mess but I LOVE my office.  Although I would love to shitcan my desk because it's huge and ugly massive and takes up way too much room because it's so huge and massive and ugly and it really doesn't have much storage which is why EVERYTHING ends up ON it instead of put away nice and neat IN it.


I love anything that helps you to Get Organized and today, I visited the Mecca of the Organizational World.

The Container Store.

Whose motto should be, "A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place and this is the Place to Get a Place for Everything!"

When I walked in, I thought I had died and gone to Organizational Heaven.

And, I think I gave a squeal AND a heavy sigh.

I walked up and down every. single. aisle and made sure I checked out the end-caps to see what sort of gadgetry called out to me and let me tell you, EVERYTHING called out to me.

I easily could have spent hundreds, no, THOUSANDS of dollars I don't have on stuff I'm positive I need to turn my office into a Thing of Organized Beauty.

Cabinets!  Bins!  Shelving!  Racks!  Holders!  Gadgets!

I wandered into the kitchen section and there were Cabinets!  Bins!  Shelving!  Racks!  Holders!  Gadgets that you didn't know even existed but you know you Must Have!

Everything to keep your kitchen all tidy and organized!

The Laundry/Utility Section!  Bins!  Cabinets!  Shelving!  Holders for mops, brooms, buckets!  Gadgets!!

Oh, it was Organizational overload!  There were bins to hold bins!  It was like the Matroyshka Dolls of storage!

I needed to contain myself (get it?  Who cracks herself up?  This gal!) before I exploded so I headed out the door.

But not before purchasing two items to help me in my organizational needs:  A rubber pet hair removal brush thingamajig (it works!) and lids for dog food cans.

Who's Miss Organized now?

Not this gal.