Friday, February 4, 2011

Cellphone shenanigans. Again.

I tell you, my Motorola Droid phone is a piece of work.  It likes to hold my e-mails hostage, sometimes for as long as 24 hours before it decides to release them.  I dunno why.  It's not like it's waiting for some sort of ransom.  "Download the paid version of Angry Birds and I'll release 2 of your e-mails at a time.  But I still won't let you answer incoming calls."

The latest thing I've noticed is that somehow, the simple act of turning off my phone at night and then turning it back on in the morning causes the battery to drain.  When I turned it off last night, the battery was at about 40%.  When I turned it back on this morning, alarms went off and I could hear "Code Blue on the Droid!  Get the crash cart, stat!" coming from my phone.

So what I want to know is what the hell is my phone doing while it's turned off?  Playing Angry Birds?  Paper Toss?  Signing me up for $9.99 a month games without MY authorization?  Which actually happened.  I got my bill yesterday and there was a charge that was unfamiliar so I called Verizon and found out that I'm not the first person to find out that I'm now signed up for some stupid phone game app that I never signed up for but because I didn't reply to the spam text from this site to tell them I wasn't interested, I got ding'd.  The lovely lady at Verizon removed the charge and put a block on this spammer.  But it still doesn't explain how my phone battery parties like a rock star while the phone is off.

Speaking of cellphones, TheManTheMyth has wondered why we continue to have (and pay) for a land line.  I dunno honey, does the term,  "dropped calls" mean anything to you?  Plus also too, we have the land line/internet/TV bundle.  My land line is actually my/our primary phone and 99% of calls are made to that phone instead of my cellphone.  So it'd be a royal pain the ass to change from this number to the various cell phone numbers.  And I'd have to up our calling minutes on the cellphone (the kids and I share 700 monthly minutes and have never even gone above 200 total.  TheManTheMyth's phone is from a different carrier) which would cause our cellphone bill to go even higher.  And our phone number is the original phone number for this house and I think my grandparents would spin in their graves if we were to get rid of it.  When we moved in, one of the agreements between my sisters and I was Never Change the Phone Number and also, Never Change the Locks.  Although the spare key that was always hidden under the box of a can of varnish right inside the door of the garage is long gone.  Along with the box holding the can of varnish.  

The varnish may be gone but I'm damned if this beloved phone number goes the way of the varnish.

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