Wednesday, June 29, 2011

They call him, 'The Fidgeter"

I love TheManTheMyth.  Really, I do.  If I didn't love him, I wouldn't have married him and made his life a living hell for these past 22 years.

But he has a Habit.

A Bad Habit.

A Habit that drives me circus-freak crazy.

You see, he fidgets.

He is completely incapable of sitting quietly.  When he is working on blueprints, his foot is tapping, his knee is jiggling and he tap tap taps his pen against the table.

When he is watching the Tee Vee, he tap tap taps the clicker.

When we are eating dinner, he jiggles his foot so much that the table shakes.

As I type this, he is tap tap tapping his foot.  Loudly.  Incessantly.  Annoyingly.

There have been many a time I have reached over and snatched whatever he is tapping  right out of his hand.

I have slammed my hand down on his jiggling knee and snapped, "STOP. IT."

He does this in bed and it shakes the whole bed and I start getting motion sickness from the swaying, shaking bed.

I. Hate. It.

One day, I know I will finally snap and go postal on this infernal tapping, jiggling, fidgeting.

The worst thing?

He is completely unaware he is doing it.

God help me.

Monday, June 27, 2011

But it's a Dry Heat

So I was gone this weekend to the beautiful and HOT city of Palm Springs where my seester and BIL have a beautiful house and I did not bring a computer with me so my only method of web-browsing was with my 1st Generation Motorola Droid and it just doesn't cut the mustard when it comes to catching up on the various blogs I follow.  But it does work splendidly for playing Words With Friends.  At which I suck.  So if any of you play WWF and want an easy win, play against me.  My WWF name is Another Kelly.  It'll be like shooting fish in a barrel.  Like Wayne Gretzky playing against a team of 5 year old beginners.   Like betting that Sarah Palin will say something really stupid and ignorant.

THAT easy.


I mentioned it was HOT.  I had Thing 2 take a picture of the temperature while we were en route:
100 degrees before 10:00am.  We had been watching the temperature gauge climb every mile and we bet that it would hit the Big Triple Digits before it hit 10:00am and we were right.

But it's a Dry Heat.

We spent the weekend lounging in the pool:
and I worked on my melanoma and I can now say that my legs have enough tan color that I can wear shorts and be only somewhat moderately embarrassed instead of REALLY embarrassed.

Yay me.

But the highlight of our weekend was getting to witness a baby bird take his first flight and leave the nest.

Right outside the back door of the house, a Dove had built a nest on top of one of the columns.  And we think Mama Dove was more than ready for Junior to leave the nest, seeing as how she had pretty much stripped the nest of any sort of cushioning and comfort.  Junior was basically sitting on a piece of grass and stucco.
Seriously, there wasn't anything left of the nest.  So we observed Junior all weekend and he observed us cooing at him and on Sunday morning, he started getting up and walking around his little perch.  Not once did he flap his little wings or show an indication he was going to fly the coop so we figured he was looking for Mom & Dad to bring him some breakfast.

I decided to snap a picture and about 5 minutes later, while we were watching, Junior flapped his little wings and we had lift-off.  We were SO not expecting this and he didn't get very far, smacking into the next column and falling down into the bushes.

And of course we screamed and went running to make sure he was okay.

He was.  Although he looked at us like, "What the hell?"

Ma & Pa Dove came fluttering down and hung out with Junior, nudging him to a more secure area and hopefully, he got the hang of this here flying thing and is off into the Wild Blue Yonder.

We would have loved to have stayed another day but some of us (Not me!) had to work the next day so we packed up our stuff and headed home.

When we were driving away, we watched the temperature gauge on my car climb to 114' in about 5 minutes.  


But it's a Dry Heat.