Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunshine Day

Don't you just love the cheesy campiness of the Brady Bunch?  Always so happy and uplifting and positive.  Makes your fillings ache and you risk becoming diabetic from all that saccharin.  I mean, I'm not a hand wringing Debbie Downer going all "The sky is falling we're all gonna die!" but I'm also living in reality.

It's like those people on Facebook who are constantly posting Brady Bunch-esque status updates that are all "I'm so blessed.  My husband/children/pet ferret is the most wonderful in the world and the birds are blooming and the flowers are singing and I know that you are envious of me and my fabulous life because *I* am blessed and you are Not.  Cut and paste this as your status if you agree!"

Okay, I totally have to use that as my Facebook status.  Because I am a bitch that way.  It's what makes me so gosh darn loveable.

I think I'll go for a walk outside now, the winter sun's calling my name.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hanging with the Hoi Polloi

Boy, did I have a great weekend!  Thing 2, Gracie Lou and I headed out to spend a couple of days with my seesters and mom and our poor unsuspecting cousin Leslie in beautiful Palm Springs where the sky was blue and the sun was shining and we were alll "Ha ha!  Sucks for you people back east!" as we lounged by the pool and sighed with contentment.  I mean, just look at how blue the sky is:

 Jealous?  Yeah, I figured you would be.  And Saturday night was the Big Hot Dog Party, which was THE social event of the weekend, with people clamoring to be allowed past the velvet rope so that they too could be amongst the Hoi Polloi and be a Have instead of a Have Not.  Unfortunately for them, the guest list was pretty exclusive and the doorman was kept busy keeping out the riff-raff.
Somehow, this one managed to slip past the doorman but since she claimed to "know somebody" we let her stay.  For entertainment value because who's hilarious?  She is.  Just ask her.

While us womenfolk were enjoying the sun and social life of the Springy Palms, the menfolk were out in the desert for the 1st Round of the Kenda National Hare & Hound Series.  And SPEAKING of the Hoi Polloi, my little boy was chosen to be part of the autograph session along with the Pro Riders:
Look at that intense concentration as he scrawls his name for an adoring fan.
Kevin finished 20th overall, 3rd in class in what is now being called one of the most brutal National Hare and Hound events in a long time.
That's National Number 12 Kevin in front of his former teammate.  Who passed him for the win.  Bastard.

But the biggest event that occurred this weekend happened to ME.  And I'm still all a-flutter about it.  You are reading this week's winner of the highly prestigious award of Special of the Week at Bye Bye Pie.  The competition was fierce and, at times, ugly but I WON.  That's right, people.  Bow down to my wit.

After all that excitement, I was loathe to return to my dreary mundane life but return I must but at least I'm a WINNER!!