Monday, April 2, 2012


If there is a sport that I love more than any other, it's hockey.

I love me some hockey.

I also love me some hockey players.  Although they prefer that I love them from a distance of at least 150 feet.

Party poopers.


My daughter, Thing 2, shares my love of hockey.  TheManTheMyth and Thing 1 do Not.



What with the love that Thing 2 and I share for hockey, you'd think that we'd be season ticket holders for Our Team, the Anaheim Ducks or at least attend as many games as possible.

You'd be wrong.

I have gone entire SEASONS without attending a single game.  Which kills me but shit happens.

This year, I vowed that I would go to at least ONE game and as the clock ticked on the regular season and it became apparent that my team would not make the playoffs, I threw caution to the wind and bought tickets to last night's final home game.

Which means we'll be eating cereal and soup all week but dammit, I NEEDED my hockey.

Here is a view from our seats, which came with oxygen masks because we were WAAAAAY up there in the nosebleed section:
And those weren't the cheapest seats, either.

It was Fan Appreciation Night and there were thousands of prizes and goodies being given out as well as actual game jerseys given to a handful of lucky fans after the game.

Guess who didn't win a single thing?  Not even a coupon for a haircut, let alone Jonas Hiller's game jersey.  I would have traded Thing 1 for that jersey.

The three of us (Thing 2, her sidekick Sara and I) had a great time despite coming home empty handed:

Gee, and you wonder why the demented woman pictured above is not allowed anywhere near the players.

I promised Thing 2 that we would try to make it to at least one game a month next season.

We're hoping that Teemu Selanne will hold off on retiring and give us just One More Year.  

Last night, the cheers and chants of "One More Year" even delayed the dropping of the puck.  Even Thing 2 said that's the loudest she's ever heard the crowd at Honda Center.

Come back, Teemu.  Just One More Year.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


So yesterday, we started painting our Great Room, aka, Dining Room and Living Room.  Which is one Great Big Open Area along with our kitchen.  I'd show you a picture but everything is one Great Big Mess, what with furniture moved to the center of the room and all sorts of flotsam and jetsam covering every flat surface.

TheManTheMyth was getting ready to paint the ceiling, which I wanted painted a very, very, VERY pale blue, which HE was not in agreement with and, in fact, told me to step away from HGTV before someone gets hurt, when he started to remove our ceiling fan so he could paint the ceiling Not Very, Very, VERY pale blue.  Dammit.

I was in another room when I heard a crash and a few choice swear words coming from the Living Room.

This is what my beautiful Minka Aire ceiling fan looked like Before:

This is what it looked like After:
What's wrong with this picture?

What's worse is that I went on Minka Aire's website to see if I could just buy a replacement blade since that's all that actually broke and the answer was No.

Ironically, Thing 1 has the exact same fan in his room and when it was being installed, it was dropped and the only thing that broke was, you guessed it, one blade.  Yet we had to order an entire new fan.

So now, I have to order yet ANOTHER fan and I wish this was an April Fool's joke but, sadly, it's not.