Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When I take a shower (Where are you taking it?  Ha.  Ha.  An old family joke that NEVER fails to elicit either a snicker or a disgusted Heavy Sigh), there are two things that are paramount to my shower experience:

1.  Hot water

B.  Good water pressure

Unfortunately, I get neither of these when I shower here at home.  For reasons I don't understand, the water in the shower just never gets quite hot enough for my liking.  And several times a year, it just stops being HOT and becomes a cross between lukewarm and semi hot.  Which is unacceptable.  TheManTheMyth says the temperature regulator thingamajig that prevents scalding seems to like to reset itself.  Without asking permission.  Which, again is unacceptable.  And it requires him listening to me bitch and moan and kvetch about not feeling clean because of the lack of HOT water.  And also because the water pressure sucks.

I like my showers to have serious water pressure. 

I want to feel the layers of both grime AND skin blasted off from the force of the water.  Only then can I feel really and truly clean.

Instead, the flow from the shower head feels more like this:
I hate my shower head.  Hate. It.  And I seem to be the only one in the family that feels this way.  Nobody else complains about it.  I've removed the flow restrictor thingy in order to get a more forceful blast and was all proud of myself for dismantling the shower head and putting it back together minus ONLY the flow restrictor thingy yet it didn't work.  Oh, there was a teensy weensy more pressure but not much.

We actually have a great shower head in the master bathroom but unfortunately, the shower is unusable because after the master bath was 99% remodeled, we ran out of money for a shower door, which has to be custom made (read: $$$$) due to the odd shape of the shower stall and the fact that the vanity, toilet and doorway are all inches away so I have no idea where a shower door will fit without hitting said toilet and vanity but whatev.
TheManTheMyth absolutely REFUSES to have a shower curtain ("they're tacky!") until we can come up with the $$$$ it would take to have a shower door custom made.  And because the master bath fixtures are all Oil Rubbed Bronze and the other bath fixtures are Brushed Nickle, it offends TheManTheMyth's delicate sensibilities to have (GASP!) Mixed Metals!  So whenever I get all sneaky and switch out the shower heads, he goes behind MY back and switches them back.

Yes, yes, I know they sell shower heads, BETTER shower heads at hardware stores but that's not the point.  If I were to go out and purchase a better shower head, I wouldn't have something to blog and kvetch about today now would I?


  1. I must have scalding water and good pressure, too. I would be very bitchy if my water wasn't practically burning off my skin.

    And that is a bit of a problem with your shower door, which your shower is lovely by the way. You know you could get a shower door that opened to the inside. My shower door opens both ways.

  2. Hahahahaha! Your shower door swings both ways!!

    Okay, I'm 12.