Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'll take Pot Pourri for $1000, Alex

So.  Thursday night at 8:00pm Pacific Standard Time found me sitting poised at my computer, staring intently at the monitor, waiting for Question Number 1 to pop up.  My fingers flew over the keyboard as I typed in my answer and hit the "Submit" button within the 15 second time frame and continued on to Question Number Dos. 

50 questions later, I completed the Jeopardy Online Test, which is given only once a year (for my time zone) in the hopes that I too would be up on that stage, giving the correct questions to the answers and winning buttloads of cash.

The only way I'll know if I "passed" is if I'm contacted by the Jeopardy people within one year of taking the test.  Wait.  ONE YEAR?  Seriously?  

Well, I won't be holding MY breath on a callback. While there were more than a few easy-peasy questions, there were also several that had me hitting the "pass" button because I knew that I couldn't even TRY to guess.  And also because I remember a former Jeopardy champion advised players to never guess.  If you're not 100% sure of the answer, DON'T answer and I've always taken Chuck's advice.

I guess (ha!) that I was lucky that there were very few (if any) questions in the categories I suck at:  US Government, Physics, Mathematical Equations, German Literature, The Table of Elements, Poetry and World Geography.  Because those categories fall under Things I Really Don't Know.

My dream categories would be Royalty, British History (sad that I'm more familiar with British, French and Russian history than my own country's), the Civil War, Opera, Religion and Celebrity Gossip.  You know, the shallow and superficial stuff.

So I guess I'll know if I'm picked if the phone rings sometime in the next year and Alex Trebek will be on the line.  I can only imagine the little interview during the first commercial break where each contestant relates something anecdotal about themselves.  Somehow I doubt relating the time I had dinner with OJ Simpson will suffice in this case.  And we can't talk about my penchant for stalking hockey players and a certain action/adventure actor who also stars in several Guy Ritchie films.

Unless.  This might be my chance for Jason Statham to see that I am his one true love and he will have His People call My People (me) and we will ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

And all because of Jeopardy.

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  1. I am a bit obsessed with Jeopardy. I watch every day and yell the answers, call the contestants names and also berate that stupid Alex Trebeck. He has been irritating me more and more lately.

    I can NOT wait for this coming week with Ken Jennings and some other dude vs. the new IBM Watson computer! I am totally rooting for Ken Jennings and my dh seems to be in the corner of the computer. No way do I believe a computer is ready to take on the likes of Mr. Know-it-all Jennings!

    And by the by, if I were to try out for Jeopardy and they told me to wait a year? I would be in big trouble since menopause is kicking my memory's ass. They would have to move me down to the college level or the high school level. Or worse, down to the celebrity level!!