Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's it gonna be, boy? Yes or No?

You know what just drives me nuts and pisses me off?  This is where you all say, "No, Kelly.  Tell us!  Tell us now what drives you nuts and pisses you off!"

Well for starters, it drives me nuts and pisses me off when Blogger decides to change the font every time I hit the return/enter key.  I don't WANT to use the itty bitty Times New Roman font, thank you.  But that's not what this is about today.

THIS is Kelly's kvetch of the day:  I hate it when I ask someone a simple Yes or No question and instead of answering with a simple Yes or No, either I get a long, involved monologue that never really quite answers the question or the person sends me on the Ho Chi Minh trail to find the answer.  Just answer the question please, Yes or no?

The question "Is it hot outside?" doesn't mean you should hand me a Farmer's Almanac and suggest I research the temperatures on this day in this location for the last 100 years to get an understanding on average rainfall vs sunny days on this very date.

"Are there tomatoes in this dish?" does not require an answer that goes like this:  "Well, that all depends on how much you like tomatoes and what variety of tomato you prefer and do you prefer extra tomatoes or just a small amount of tomatoes and you'll notice that we use the most freshest ingredients and can I get you a refill on your ice tea?"  Huh wha?

These are not trick questions I'm asking.  They require nothing more than Yes or No as their answer.

IN a pinch, you can always use the classic, "I don't know."  I'd rather have an "I don't know" than a non-answer.  "Mr. Hand, will I pass this class?"  "I DON'T KNOW!"

Oh wow, I just noticed the calendar, did some adding and oh, okay.  That explains why I'm a bit, shall we say, testy.

"That time of the month?"  


"Outta here!"

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