Friday, January 20, 2012


It's been almost a whole week since George came into my life and the honeymoon is still in full swing.

The simpering.

The giggling.

The cooing.

The anxiety when we are separated.

The fondling.  Oh yes, the fondling.

I know it's weird to love a cellphone THAT MUCH but I do.

I've had more fun this week playing with George and downloading apps and choosing ringtones and notification tones and wallpaper and oh!  I love George!
What's so fabulous about George is that he delivers e-mails RIGHT AWAY!!  And I can actually send a response!

I know!

Who'd a thought?  Ain't technology wunnerful?

There is one problem, though, with George.

Unlike the real George Parros, iPhone George is quite the delicate thing.  Seriously, I'm terrified I'm going to drop him.  I honestly did not expect this phone to be so slick and slippery and glassy.

In all the years I've owned a cellphone device, I have never dropped or broken my phone.

So when the guy at the Apple store asked me if I wanted to shell out the extra $100 for the Apple Care for iPhone plan, I hesitated because see previous sentence.  But as soon as I picked up George out of the box, I said, "Sign me up!"

I've ordered me an Otterbox to keep George safe but it's going to be a few days until it arrives and until then, I have to be extra gentle with George.

But I don't mind because we love each other!  And George doesn't mind that my wallpaper is of Jonas Hiller (whom I also love, that hot Swiss Mister!) instead of a picture of George Parros himself.

Because George the phone is that awesome.  And understands my obsession for hockey players.

Unlike Siri and her "I'm sorry, I can't help you" when I asked her to help me find some hockey players.

I'll remember that, Siri.  Trying to keep me from my intended targets.

Anyway, I have found my Soul Mate of a cellphone

And yes, I know I am weird.

But happy!

With George!


  1. Love it! You and I must have been standing in our respective phone stores about the same time. I picked up my new Evo 3D last week and I am madly in love with it. Technology is grand!

  2. I always immediately buy a hard cover for my phone. My current phone is cradled in fuschia shiney metal. It's all about the pink!

    p.s. Since the choice was between George and new bras for the bazooms, how are the girls doing?

  3. LisaPie, the girls are hanging in there

  4. I had the exact same fear when I got my iPhone - that it was way too delicate for my barnstorming life. But I've dropped it a number of times and it's fine. I did get a hard case for it, though. And rolled the dice on the coverage plan...I'm a gambler!