Saturday, January 28, 2012

Point, Counter(top) point

Well, TheManTheMyth and I nearly dropped the gloves because of our %&^#! countertops.

You'd think it would be easy peasy to decide on a color for concrete countertops but if you thought that, you'd be wrong, Mister.

This is kind of what I had in mind when TMTM suggested we do concrete countertops:
But then he started talking about staining the concrete to be any color I wanted and that's when it all went wrong.

Oh, sure, how hard is it to pick a friggin' color, you may be asking yourself about now.  Well I'll tell you, IT'S FRIGGIN' HARD!!

And because I need to SEE something live and in person before making a decision that I'll have to live with FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE (not really; I'm just being dramatic to which you're thinking, "No shit, Sherlock!") we (meaning, *I*) have changed my our minds way too many times.

This morning, we took a field trip to a concrete place because TMTM said the concrete floor of this joint was divided into all sorts of different colors and this way I could SEE for myself what a color would look like and it'd make it much easier to decide.

And guess what we found when we got there?

They had ground all the color off their concrete floors.

And I'm all, "Really?" 

Of course.

So we finally chose yet ANOTHER color (to compliment our walnut butcher block island countertop) and TMTM is hard at work sanding, grinding and whatever else he needs to do to get the countertops DONE.

After all this, there is still the chance that it'll have to be shitcanned, especially when it comes time to move this heavy ass piece of concrete out of the garage and into the house and then we'll be back to square one.

Because that's how we roll.


  1. I was under the impression that concrete countertops were poured right there on the counters they are topping. No?? I can't even imagine moving those big slabs.

    One of my friends has stained concrete floors in her home and she changes the color to them all the frigging time. She redoes everything at least every year. I am always confused when I step in to her house, because she has moved walls, changed colors, furnishings, everything. All that to say that apparently changing up the concrete color is not too difficult or why would she keep doing it?

  2. They can either be poured in place or formed separately. TheManTheMyth wanted to build the forms on a special table in the garage because of the incredible mess caused by the grinding and polishing. Thing 1 and his cronies will be recruited to move the counter.

    The floor of my office, the upper and lower patios and the counter at the barbecue are all stained concrete. Are you sensing a theme here?

  3. Heavy concrete countertops mean big strong men. Tell me what day you need help and I'm there. To watch.