Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just some random stuff

For some strange reason, I have been craving onion rings and french fries.  Or as Jack in the Box called them, "Frings."  Oh, now I'm really hungry for JitB tacos and Frings.  And my kid has my car right now.  He went running off to the local "Build a Bear Workshop" to make something for his girlfriend.  That boy has quite the romantic side and I have no idea where he got it.  He certainly didn't get from his father.  Or me.  

See if you can guess what this is:
Go on.  Guess.

I took this picture myself and I think it's pretty darn neat.  Very abstract.

So Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock are married.  And hell yeah I totally believe that she tried to bolt prior to the wedding.  3 times if the rumors are true.

On one hand, you know it's bad when the bride has to be forced to stay in the country by having her passport confiscated but on the other hand, she and ol' Albert, who hasn't seemed to learn that old adage, "Use a condom and you will learn, no deposit means no return," have been together for how long?  She had to have known what she was getting herself into.

However, didn't Charlene look like "Dead Man Walking" during the civil service.  There was no joy in Bugville there.

Oh! and Princess Stephanie.  Holy crap she looks like hammered shit.  Rode hard and put away wet.  Like she has spent way too much time in dive bars.  Like she had run off and joined the circus or something.  What?  Oh.  Yeah.  She DID run off and join the circus.  I half expect to see her on "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding."

And SPEAKING of "MBFGW" how much do I love this show?  I love it more than chocolate.

I am completely and utterly fascinated with this show.  From the (ahem) virginal young girls dressing up (and dancing) like they were pole dancing skanks to the gargantuan wedding dresses that are too big to fit down the aisles of the church.  I so want to try on one of those massive dresses that they can't seem to walk in without goosestepping.  Why is it so hard to walk in those dresses?  Scarlett O'Hara didn't seem to have any trouble navigating HER massive hoopskirts.

I doubt MBFGW will be back for a second season, though. 


But speaking of a show that is coming back for another season, "Two and a Half Men" will supposedly be killing off the character of Charlie Harper to make room for Ashton Kutcher's character.  

To which I say, "Bad." 

This is supposed to be a COMEDY and killing off the main character is just kind of, well, a Bummer.

The writers can come up with something much more funny than killing off Charlie, which would really be a "Fuck You Dude" from Chuck Lorre to Charlie "My Cheese Slid Off My Cracker With a Vengeance" Sheen.

How's this for explaining Charlie's disappearance:

Charlie runs off to, oh let's say Monte Carlo, and then gets arrested for aiding and abetting Charlene Wittstock when she tried to run away from marrying Prince Albert and he gets thrown in jail and then Princess Stephanie breaks him out and she takes him hide out with the circus and he ends up falling for the bearded lady and he, Bearded Lady and Princess Stephanie live in a menage a' trois in a caravan.

Are you listening Chuck Lorre?  

THAT'S comedy.

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  1. Oh my GOSH I had forgotten all about Princess Stephanie and the acrobat ... thanks for reminding me!