Thursday, May 5, 2011

Whut we've got heah, is failure to communicate

So yesterday, I went back to The Zhay to return the Kangaroo Not-a-Keeper.  My return went quickly and painlessly.  

But for the lady in line ahead of me, not so much.  I was privileged to be able to listen to the entire exchange.

Customer:  I'd like a refund for this.

Employee at the Return Desk:  Is something wrong with it?

Customer:  Yes.  When I opened the box, I discovered the item was used.  I'd like a refund please.

Employee: I'm sorry, I can't give you a refund.  I can only issue you a store credit.

Customer:  Why can't I get a refund?

Employee:  Because we don't give refunds for used merchandise.  I can only give you store credit.

Customer:  But that's WHY I'm returning it and why I want my money back!  It was USED!  You sold me USED Merchandise!  I want my money back!

Employee:  But we don't give refunds on used merchandise.  I can give you store credit.

Customer:  *Sigh*  Let's try this again. I purchased what was allegedly a NEW item.  When I opened the box, I saw that the item inside was not new, it was used.  You sold me used merchandise.  I want my money back.

Employee:  I can't give you your money back.  It's a used item.  We don't give refunds on used items.  I can only give you store credit.

Customer: You're not hearing me.  I was sold a used item.  Someone obviously returned this item after using it and your store repackaged it and put it back on the shelf to be sold as new.  Which it isn't.  I want my money back.

Employee: We don't issue refunds on used items.  I can only give you store credit.  Or (said in a helpful voice) we can just do an exchange.

Customer:  I don't want to exchange it.  I don't want store credit.  I just want my money back.

Employee:  I can't do that.

Customer:  [Bangs head on counter] I would like to speak to a manager.

Employee:  [Sighs.  Rolls eyes]  Fine.

At this point, even though my transaction had already been completed, I wasn't going ANYWHERE.

Manager:  What seems to be the problem?

Employee:  She wants a refund for a used item and I told her we don't issue refunds for used items.

Manager:  I'm sorry, but we only give store credit for used items.

Customer:  [Explains the situation]

Manager:  Give her her money back.


  1. Been there. Endured that.


  2. This is why my mom believes in concealed carry #justsayin p.s. mom sez hi

  3. Like my friend Johnny, buying hockey shinpads in Victoria, BC. Clerk tried to charge him double because there was a price tag on each one. Also took a manager to explain to the clerk that yes, we sell them in pairs.