Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There's one born every minute Part II

I have a confession to make.

I'm a complete and utter sucker for those "Seen on TV!" products.  Every time I'm at The Zhay, I HAVE to check out the "Seen on TV" display to see if there's something I must have.

You'd think I would have learned my lesson THIS TIME.  Those HD Sunglasses should have been an eye opener that these products just aren't *quite* what they claim.  Yes, I have purchased the Sham WOW! and WOW! Was I Not Impressed.

However, I keep trying for that Sucker of the Year award.

Today was no exception.

So I'm at The Zhay today and I was fumbling around in my purse for something when I saw It.  And thought to myself, THIS would be PERFECT!

So, allow me to demonstrate:

This is my purse:
 As you can see, it's not all THAT huge.  It's the perfect size for me because I don't carry everything and the kitchen sink around with me.

This is what it looks like inside:
Sometimes, it does seem like a Black Hole even though this is not a large bag.  My keys and a pen always seem to disappear and then I have to fumble around and I get all frustrated.

So, I purchased this:
THIS, I thought, would neatly organize everything in my bag and I will never have to fumble around for stuff again.


This is what my purse looks like WITH the Kangaroo Keeper, which really didn't fit quite right:
Uh huh.

And THIS is what it looks like without the KK and after I've tossed the unnecessary bits and pieces:
Is your mind boggled?  Is your Flabber Gasted?

MINE is.

Guess who's going to get her $9.99 plus tax back?


  1. God bless you, Kelly....I have been on the brink 27 times of falling for the Kangaroo Keeper but one tiny brain cell told me it might not help.

    You just saved me $9.95 plus S&H plus return shipping costs.

    I just got back from the P.O after returning 2 of my recent stupidities....at my expense, of course. Will we ever learn? Probably not......

  2. Too funny!

    (PS...I love your purse - it's the perfect size!)

  3. 2 words: Vera Bradley. VB purses come with all the right size pockets you need. I try to get a new VB bag every year to 18 months. Love them.

  4. My wife and are are always telling each other, while watching TV, "Hey, we should get one of those, hurry up, operators are standing by" Of course we're just kidding. We never do. But there's just so many bizarre products out there we have to laugh.

  5. That should be called the Kangaroo Returner.

  6. LisaPie, I'm just a bit too much of a Bag Snob to go from Louis Vuitton to Vera Bradley. Just can't do it.