Monday, May 9, 2011

It's all about Shaun White's Hair.

Every so often, just for shits and giggles, and also if I want to get all depressed and have a pity party, I will check my stats for this here blog.

The pity party part comes from seeing just how few people actually view my blog.  Although I kind of knew that because of the dearth of comments.  And the little stat thing that tells me I'm lucky if I get one, count 'em ONE, page view a day. 

Way to show the love people.

Anyhoo.  One of the things I can see on my stats is where my viewers, excuse me, AUDIENCE, are viewing from.  And by that I mean which countries are my viewers viewing from.

And whether or not they like to see me ending sentences with prepositions.  Because really, who DOESN'T like to see a sentence ending in a preposition?  And who was the Grammar Police who decided that ending sentences with a preposition is a Bad Thing?  And who came up with the word, "preposition?"

These are questions that will not be keeping me up at night.

Again, I managed to get completely off track here.

So, while perusing my stats, I see that I have/had viewers from the following countries:

United Arab Emirates (no shit!)
South Korea (but not North Korea because I'm sure Kim Il Duck Dong or whatever his name is isn't a fan of the kvetching I do).
Canada (C'mon, Canadians, show a little love here!  I'm a huge fan of your national sport AND I can sing along to "O Canada" except for the French version)
United Kingdom
Finland (probably because of mentions of Teemu Selanne.  Or the Fins really like me.  No, I'm sure it's because of Teemu)

Some keywords that brought people to my blog:

"Sorry about that ding." 
"Follow me, I'm a twit." 
"Shaun White hair."

REALLY?  Those are what led people to check out my blog?  Shaun White's hair?

Well, he DOES have great hair.

I wonder what the 2 viewers in the United Arab Emirates were searching for that brought them to my little unread, unloved blog.

Probably Shaun White's hair.

It's ALWAYS about Shaun White's hair.


  1. How do you find out all these things?

  2. Kelly, my dear

    I pass up lots of blogs in my daily browses but never yours!

    I do try to leave a comment each day, but I fail some days. Don't get all pouty now....I do love you and so does your Audience. (feh, who came up with that term for our followers?)

  3. Lisa, on your Dashboard, you should see a tab marked, "STATS." That's where the info is.

  4. Have a wonderful week!!! Off to check out my dashboard for my stats!:)