Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring has sprung. A leak.

Today is the first day of Spring and when one thinks of Spring, one thinks of flowers blooming, 
 birds singing and it's a Sunshine Day (everybody's smiling!).

Well not today.

Today, it's cold.  And storming.  And cold.  And blowing like a hurricane.  Which is quite different from rocking like a hurricane.  And did I mention it's cold?  Yeah, yeah, how cold does it get in coastal Southern California?  I mean, it's not like we're getting hit with blizzards and sub-zero temperatures but when one is used to having the best climate in the country, this kind of weather throws one out of whack.

 Does that look all Spring-like?  I think not.

The trees on our street are 50+ years old and diseased
and have a tendency to come crashing down in stormy weather.  One time, I had been parked out front and I had to go to the store.  I got in my car and pulled away from the curb and looked in my rear view mirror just in time to see a massive limb come crashing down right where I had just been parked.

I'm totally expecting another tree to come crashing down at one point during this storm which is supposed to really hit hard sometime tonight.  Goody.

And I'm keeping an eye on one of the palm trees in the backyard because it's leaning like a drunken frat boy on St. Patrick's Day

Gracie is all upset and freaked out about the storm:

I last heard from the menfolk around 9:00am Friday morning, 3 hours after they had been on the road but another racer let me know that they did finally arrive in Idaho, late Saturday afternoon.  What was supposed to have been a 15 hour trip turned into the trip from Hell and it took them over 30 hours to get to their destination.  I don't know all the details but I guess a wheel came off the trailer at one point and this was after they had to get new tires for the trailer after only 90 miles into the trip.  

When TheManTheMyth had told me the night before they left that he was apprehensive about making this drive with these other people, who he didn't know very well (at all, actually) I told him to look at it as an Adventure, that he will probably have stories to tell around campfires and it'll be Fun!

Yeah.  FUN.

Okay, I just heard a loud THUD outside.  Gotta go.


  1. Kelly, dear....I am in North Hollywood and just wrote my blog about this storm and other stuff. You really should go read it....misery loves company.

    Hope you dodge all falling limbs.

  2. We were suppose to have rain today but didn't! Hopefully it will stop soon!