Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's going to be 5 fun-filled days. Or not.

So, my seester Bippy and brother-in-law Gaga (no relation to Lady Gaga for those of you who might be wondering) left for Hawaii and gave me the privilege of taking care of their most prized possession, Coco.
For those of you who don't know, Coco is the Messiah, ChristChild and Walks on Water as far as Gaga is concerned.  Coco can do no wrong and obviously, everyone else feels the same way he does.  At least in Gaga's mind.  Gaga's standard response when told, "Sir, you can't bring your dog in here" is, "It's okay, it's Coco" and he toddles on his merry way with Coco at his side, completely oblivious to the outrage left in their wake.

Luckily, Coco is one of the most well-behaved dogs out there and we do so love having her stay with us.  Gracie Lou, especially, was practically doing cartwheels when I brought Coco home for her 5 day sleepover because Coco is her Best Friend.  However, Coco does not consider Gracie Lou to be HER Best Friend and is, quite frankly, annoyed and irritated by her.  Especially because Gracie is extremely competitive and jealous and has made it clear she is Alpha Dog, despite only being half of Coco's size.

Already this morning I have had to break up several fights, all instigated by Gracie Lou because whatever Coco has, Gracie Must Take.  By force, if necessary.  And while Coco is an extremely laid back dog, she's not going to roll over and let this pipsqueak little bitch get the best of her.

As I type this, the two dogs are laying here in my office, about 3 feet apart.  Coco is doing her best to ignore Gracie Lou, who she pretty much loathes right now, and Gracie Lou is giving Coco the stink eye because she's still pissed that Coco didn't respect her authoritay.

So between the jealousy, competition and Coco's tendency to raise the alarm, LOUDLY, especially in the middle of the night whenever she hears a noise, it's going to be 5 fun-filled days until Bippy & Gaga return and spring Coco from this living hell.

Or not.


  1. I am in love with Coco. Love at first sight. That picture...that face! Oh my!

    (PS...good luck!)

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh. What kind of dog is Coco? And why does he remind me of Tom Selleck?

  3. Precious! Looks like a bit of a prima dona too. No wonder she and the Gracie girl are at odds.