Friday, March 4, 2011

Helen of Troy in Plushie Form

Meet Lover:


Lover is Coco's favorite sex toy play thing EVER.  Lover is soft and plush and life size and Coco, who is a spayed female Labradoodle, takes the dominant (male) role in this relationship and Lover is fine with that.  It's rather amusing to watch Coco approach Lover, sniff and then mount Lover and hump away while biting the top of Lover's head.  Sometimes there's some rough play and Coco will toss Lover around in a form of foreplay prior to the Act of Love.  Lover has provided Coco with a unique way of relieving some built up tension.

Unfortunately, Lover was also the cause of an ugly fight between Coco and Gracie Lou yesterday morning.

Coco is stressed, depressed and glum at having to stay with us while her Mommy and Daddy are in Hawaii and Gracie has not been much of a help at making Coco feel any better.

So Coco decided what she really needed was some good loving from Lover and proceeded to do just that.  In front of Gracie Lou.  Who was OUTRAGED.  And jealous and decided she was going to take Helen of Troy here away from Coco, by force.  It was SO romantic.  Not.

Gracie gets this livid look in her eye and marches right up and grabs Lover away from Coco, in mid-hump mind you, and Coco was all, "oh no you di'in't!" and Gracie was all "This is MY house and what's yours is MINE and waddya gonna do about it?" and Coco drops the gloves and it was like the big fight scene in Ron Burgundy between the news teams until I grabbed Lover and used Lover to beat the two dogs apart and sent them to neutral corners.

For the rest of the day, Lover was Off Limits, although both Coco and Gracie Lou would give Lover the eye and then glare at each other but neither of them made a move toward Lover.

Finally, last night, Coco was looking so longingly at Lover and it HAD been a stressful day and Gracie was sawing logs on the couch so I nudged Lover toward Coco and Coco took Lover and, uh, relieved some tension if ya get my drift.

Gracie woke up during this Live Sex Act, looked at me and I said, "Don't EVEN think about it!" and she grudgingly let Coco and Lover have Their Time together.

An Understanding has been reached between Coco and Gracie which means I don't have to worry about a Trojan Horse showing up at my door any time soon.

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