Friday, April 16, 2010

Everyone loves a Bride!

I found this in a pile of old family photos.  I'm not sure who the happy couple is, I think it's my Great Uncle Harry and Aunt Helene but I could be wrong.  The lady on the far right in the dark coat is my Great Grandmother Marie.  I never knew her.  She came over from Slovakia around the turn of the century although I can't find any records of her on the Ellis Island register which makes me wonder if she slipped in under the fence somehow.

Anyway, what cracks me up about this photo is the body language of the ladies in the front row.  Can they look any more pissed off?  What was going through their minds?

Lady in the white blouse and dark skirt who we'll call Phyllis: "Yeah, look at your new daughter-in-law, Marie.  That should have been ME but no, you said you wanted someone better for your son!  All those stories about me are LIES!"

Lady next to her in the white hat (Louise):  "Hello?  Stop being such a Space Invader, Phyllis!  God!  I wish she'd quit nudging me.  She's just pissed Mrs. Sedik saw through her tricks to try and get Harry to marry her.  If she nudges me one more time I'm going to elbow her!"

Martha (next to Louise):  "Love her dress!  I heard this wedding is costing her parents a fortune!  Harry scored big.  And if that Amazon behind me doesn't stop dripping her tears down my neck I'm going to clock her!"

Helen: (next to Martha):  "When does the reception start?  Where's the bar?  I need a drink."

G-Grandma Marie:  My boy, my handsome boy on this, his wedding day.  I'm so glad he didn't choose that tramp Phyllis.  I've heard stories about her.  How handsome is my boy?  I'm going to cry!"

Feel free to add your own captions.


  1. HAHA. Nice post. Clash of Marie and Phyllis. I was about to say the same exact thing for Helen... LOL

    Have a good day!:)

  2. Tall guy in the back: "Did anyone order a pizza?"

  3. I think Helen might be right. It looks like most of them are looking behind the bride & groom, the small child is pointing in the same direction. Could it be that the reception area is all set up and they are getting angry that the photos are taking so long and keeping them from the food and drink?

  4. Hi Kelly! Back from vacation and not doing laundry instead making the rounds.

    Hysterical! And what is with the photos from those days. Everyone always looks pissed off! It must have been a load of laughs back then.

    And by the way, the bride is lovely.