Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I MUST have it!

While I have quite a few items on my Wish List, there are very few things on my "Must Have" list. 

Not on either my Wish or Must Have list is the Holy Grail of Handbags, the Birkin.  
Now I love me a nice handbag just as much as the next person but I just don't "get" the appeal of the Birkin.  It's too much work to open and close it so many owners just keep it hanging open and that just looks all sloppy to me.  
 I hate it when I have to fight with my handbags.  I had a Coach bag that I finally had to banish because despite being a medium size bag, it became a Black Hole when it came to finding my keys or wallet and I'd practically have to dump everything out just to find what I needed.  I'll keep my nice Louis Vuitton Popincourt Haut, thankyouverymuch.  

Also on my Wish List is a Luxury Sedan.  I've been driving trucks and/or SUVs for decades and while I like my trucks, I'm now at the age where I want comfort and luxury.  I'm not talking a Rolls or Bentley but I wouldn't turn down a Cadillac CTS.  

One thing on my Must Have list is my very own Arcade Quality Skee Ball game.  With prize tickets.  I've wanted one of these ever since I can remember and just because I'm moving awfully close to the mid-century mark doesn't mean I've changed my mind about this.  Because I haven't and I won't.  Ever.

But right now, the number one thing on my Must Have list is something that I thought wasn't all that and a bag of chips and I kind of scoffed at it when it made its appearance.  But then something happened.  I'm still not sure what exactly happened but all I know is that I woke up the other morning and realized that I not only Want this object, I Must Have this object.  I've actually had dreams about this object.  I am obsessing over this object and I haven't even seen one live and in the flesh or held it in my hot little hands.  

What is this object of desire that I am obsessing over?  It's THIS:
Yep, the frikkin' iPad.

I want it so bad it's practically eating me up.  And I am NOT one of those people who must have the latest gadget, Apple or otherwise although I think Apple products are far, far superior to anything Microsoft has produced.  I don't own the iPhone because of the simple reason that I don't like AT&T although my contract with Verizon is up in 2 months and I AM considering going back to AT&T just because of the iPhone although if I acquire an iPad I won't NEED an iPhone and won't have to deal with AT&T again because I really don't want to have to deal with AT&T although I haven't had to deal with AT&T since 2004 when I willingly paid the early termination fee just to banish them from my life but maybe they've improved their coverage and customer service since then and have I mentioned that the AT&T thing is a possible deal breaker as far as me getting the iPhone?

Anyway, back to the iPad.  Have I mentioned that not only do I want it but I Must Have it?

It's taking every ounce of Willpower not to go running, ok driving, to the Apple Store and checking it out and playing with it.  On one hand, I'm afraid that if I do that, I will go crazy and plunk down my well-worn American Express and then suffer the consequences of the Wrath of TheManTheMyth when the bill arrives, especially since he keeps telling me to relinquish my card back into his safekeeping for just that reason alone although I've been able to put him off...for now.  Especially since we just bought a new laptop a couple of weeks ago when the other one crashed and burned because Windows computers are junk.  On the other hand, I'm almost afraid that after working myself up into a frenzy over the iPad, I will be disappointed and then have nothing to live for since all my hopes and dreams have been dashed.  Ok, maybe that's a bit exaggerated but it does suck when you finally get what you've been wanting only to find it wanting.  You know, that whole "be careful of what you ask for" thing.  Been there done that barely survived the fallout (don't ask).

Yeah, I need the iPad like a hole in head but dammit!  I MUST HAVE IT! 

So there. 


  1. I don't have an iPad but I ADORE my iPhone. WORST cell phone ever BUT the BEST handheld computer... Totally worth the dropped calls. I just glances at it while writing this comment {love}
    So get an iPhone!!

  2. Everything I need or don't really need manages to get into my "Must have" list. I got everything I needed when I was a kid. A sad face would do the trick. It doesn't now. Maybe, the Sad face has fainted... LOL
    Hope you get your iPad soon!

    Have a good day!

  3. It would be fun to have if they were free!