Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh. Wait.

Ok, my last post was about my obsessive desire for the new iPad.  Well, yeah.  Since that post, I've not so much as reconsidered but I've decided to do a bit of a Wait and See.

I have concerns about Apple's choice of AT&T for their iPhone and now the iPad.  I hate AT&T.  I had them before and the coverage sucked big fat hairy donkey dicks and the customer service was on the same level.  I hated them so much that I happily paid the early termination fee, for 3 lines! just to have them out of my life so I could then move on to a wireless carrier that actually let me make and receive calls on my cellphone which is something AT&T charged me for but didn't fulfill their end of the bargain because I never had service even though people who had other wireless carriers had full service while I had the equivalent of an expensive toy cellphone because I never had coverage!

I do know of someone who ran out and bought the 64GB iPad and then returned it a few days later because they were so underwhelmed.  Which made me sigh heavily because I was SO on a high about the thought of the iPad.

I've also reconsidered the idea of getting an iPhone (see AT&T reference above) when my current cellphone contract is up in two months because IF, and that's a big IF, I do discover my money tree is in full bloom and IF I do decide to throw caution to the wind and get the iPad anyway, I won't need the iPhone after all.

Also too, I don't have the $$$ to spend on a gadget and unless I sell a kidney or a child, I probably won't have the $$$ anytime soon because I've got a kid who is heading to college in the fall and said college kind of wants their tuition money and they aren't accepting Good Looks as a form of payment which is probably smart of them because I'm not winning any beauty pageants these days because I've been spending more time sitting on my butt doing blog stuff than I have on beauty treatments (and it shows) and while Thing 1 is a fine looking young man, he's pretty scarred up from his many crashes while racing dirt bikes so his value as an Object of Beauty has been greatly diminished.

So now I have to find something else to covet and obsess over.  Dang.  I was all set with the iPad.  Sigh.


  1. I guess we can't bury an iphone on NYE and expect to have one pop up in our lives sometime in the next year like we do with money????? You probably have to HAVE iphone/ipad for one to appear in this set up? bummer. Sorry.

    I'm also without an iphone or a kindle or any of the cool toys all of our friends have. Let's form a club and talk about them wired bitches.

  2. Hahahaha! Burying an iPhone on NYE! LOVE it!

    TheManTheMyth asked at Christmas if I wanted a Kindle but I declined because I need to see, touch and use something like that before I buy to see if it's something I'll use. I still have never seen one.

    I know I would use the iPad all the time but it really isn't something I actually NEED at this time.

    My nephew, who has quite the dry wit, said that Apple already came out with the iPad Nano. It's called the iPod Touch.