Monday, October 19, 2009

Router Up!

Thing 2 and I headed off to spend the weekend in Palm Springs at Sister Tracie's lovely abode. We had lots of fun, ate lunch at Tyler's, watched lots of college football and tried to avoid the jillions of motorcycles because, unbeknownst to us, it was Bike Week in Palm Springs.

After lunch at Tyler's, we walked over to this little jewelry store that sat across from Tyler's because Sis needed some jewelry repaired. They have beautiful custom jewelry but they also had other things for sale.

So, would these be classified as Art? Knicknacks? I thought Thing 2 was going to explode with both mirth and mortification when she saw those.

So after lunch and our visit to the jewelry/sex shoppe, we headed back to the house to watch the USC/Notre Dame game and I tried to do some work on our website. The house was set up for wireless internet so I got out my laptop and attempted to log on to Firefox. Nothing. We couldn't figure out what was wrong with the wireless so a call was placed to Time Warner and after talking with the nice tech support lady, we discovered that the modem was turned to "Off." Flicked the switched, internet fired up and life was good.

Fast forward to this morning. I tell TheManTheMyth that we need to go wireless in our own home. I had resisted for over a year because I figured that if we went wireless, then Thing 1 would disappear into the depths of his room with my laptop and I would never see either of them again. But after the convenience of being able to log on to the internet without dealing with cords, it was a chance I would have to take.

So I head over to Best Buy to look at wireless routers. And talk to Geek Squad member "Ivan." Ivan asks me some questions, including who my internet provider is. And then Ivan tells me something very interesting and I'm all No Way! And Ivan's like, Way! And I'm all "are you shitting me?" and Ivan's all "I wouldn't shit you! You're my favorite turd!"

What Ivan told me is that if my router from Verizon Fios has an antenna on it, it's wireless. And guess what? It does! Turns out we've been wireless since we switched to Verizon Fios which was, oh, TWO YEARS AGO!

What's funny is that every time I would boot my laptop, a little notification would pop up telling me which wireless networks were in my area and I had no idea that MINE was one of them! I found this out when I called Tech Support and "Daryl" in Mumbai walked me through the log-in and set-up process. I'm wireless! Who knew? Ivan did, that's who!

I'm not telling the kids, though. I'd never see my laptop again.

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  1. Were any of them made of BONE china?? (snort, giggle)