Monday, January 14, 2013


What you've all been waiting for:  more streams of consciousness from my little brain.

*I have never seen "The Princess Bride."  Or, "Sleepless in Seattle."  Heck, I've gone to the movies once, ONCE in the last 10 years.   What movie did I see?  "Lords of Dogtown."  Before that, I saw "Titanic" when it came out.  I'm not a movie person.  Obviously.

*I don't care if the proceeds go to a good cause, I think TOMS shoes are butt-ugly and I wouldn't wear them if you gave me a pair. 

*I hate, loathe and despise those Facebook posts that say, "I know most of you won't have the guts to repost this but..."  And double the irony when it's on a post against bullying.  Yes, let's BULLY people into reposting a Facebook status against bullying.  

*People who use the word, "totes" instead of "totally" make me want to deliver a roundhouse kick to the jaw.  It's like "fetch" happen.  Stop trying to make it happen.  It's not going to happen!

*Never, ever go to an IKEA on a Sunday afternoon.  There is NOTHING you need that badly to go to an IKEA on a Sunday afternoon.  Unless you LIKE being caught up in a crowd of families strolling through the aisles at a snail's pace.

*If you MUST go to an IKEA on a Sunday afternoon and if you MUST decide to eat in the cafe, be prepared to deal with families with preschoolers sitting right next to you and be prepared for what happens when preschoolers insist on opening their own carton/bottle of milk.  Keep lots of napkins handy, is what I'm saying.

*If you're going to sell something on Craigslist, please include pictures of your item.  And a price.  And a location.

*If you're answering an ad on Craigslist that states, "NO TRADES" in the ad, please don't ask if the seller would be willing trade their item for something they have absolutely no use for.  And that includes prepositions.

*Google Ads denied my application and refused to tell me why.  Bastards. 

Okay, that's all my little brain can come up with today.

I'll leave you with a cute picture of Puppy watching Supercross. She was thrilled to see Justin Barcia win his first Supercross race.


  1. SO agree about those dumbass TOMS shoes! They look exactly like shoes that K-mart used to carry in the summer. They were always about $3. So I totally don't see paying the price that TOMS charges.

  2. Girl, you HAVE to watch Princess Bride! Over and over again. It is so good and so damn quote-able!

  3. Looks like Puppy is SLEEPING to Supercross although she does appear to be listening.

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