Wednesday, January 2, 2013


So another year has come and gone and we ALL survived the non-existent Mayan Apocalypse.

I remember the first time I ever heard about the so-called Mayan Apocalypse slash End of the World.  It was around 1990 and one of the people I worked with had been an Archeology Major and she said one of her professors had told them about the Mayan Calendar and how it predicted the end of the world.

Well of course we were all fascinated and demanded to know when the world was going to end since the Millennium was only 10 years away and everyone knew there would be mass chaos when THAT happened.  Oh wait.  Yeah, the Millennium Meltdown was a big old bust, wasn't it?

Anyway, she told us that the end of the world would happen on December 21, 2012.

Well, that was YEARS away so we all went about our lives and as December 21, 2012 approached, I wasn't sweating it.  Much.  Well, actually I WAS sweating it but that was because I have entered the lovely world of menopause with hot flashes galore.  Mostly at night. And mostly when the puppy, who doubles as a heating pad, is curled up against me.

Anyway.  We survived the Apocalypse AND New Year's Eve with ease.

Moving on.

So a New Year has dawned along with new resolutions.  I really hate to make resolutions because 60% of the time, they fail every time.

So let's call them Goals, shall we?  What with the NHL still on its stupid lock out, that's the only Goals I'm seeing lately.


Goal #1: stop wasting electricity in the house.  I have a bad habit of turning on the TV first thing in the morning and not turning it off until bedtime.  Even if nobody is watching it, it's still on.  This family is also notorious for leaving lights on every room.  This all has to stop.  Our electric bill is getting just too expensive.

Goal #2:  Get back on Weight Watchers.  I started WW in October 2011 and lost a nice amount of weight, felt better and even ran my first ever 5K.  A few months ago, I pretty much threw the program out the window and went back to my old eating habits (read: Del Taco Bacon & Egg Quesadillas almost every. single. morning.) and surprise, surprise, I've gained some weight back.

I actually started back on WW this morning when I attended my first meeting in months.  And discovered I had gained back almost half the weight I had lost.  Yes, I lost weight but it found me again.  I should have guessed that all that fast food would catch up with me, dammit.

Goal #3: Stop the swearing.  I've noticed I'm cussing a LOT more than I should and that needs to stop.  Cussing is such an easy habit to start but man, it's a hard one to break.  And it's one you don't even realize you're doing until someone points it out.

Goal #4:  Cut out fast food for one week.  I know it doesn't sound like much but if I can go 1 week without Del Taco, In-n-Out, Chik-Fil-A (which I always pronounced "Chick Fill UH") and even Subway, I will have made it over the hump.  And saved a nice bit of money, too.  I've been spending $25+ a week on fast food.  Money that I really can't afford to spend at this time.  Even with the coupons for Arby's that came in mail.  I love Arby's.  But they are SO EXPENSIVE so when coupons that'll get you 3 Roast Beef sammiches for $5 come in the mail, I'm all, "Woo hoo!  I'm having me some Arby's!!"

Goal #5:  Stop spending money I can't afford to spend on stuff I don't need.  Such as fast food.

I can do this.  I HAVE to do this.

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