Tuesday, February 21, 2012


What's that sound you hear?  It's me, tooting my own horn.

Why am I tooting my own horn, you ask?

I'll tell you.

Guess who was selected for the highest honor in my racing organization, AMA District 37, for her contribution to the sport?
 Can't quite make out the name on that 3' and change tall trophy?


It really is a huge honor because the recipient (that would be ME!) has to be nominated and then the entire organization has to vote and I didn't even know I had been nominated until a few days prior and my flabber was more than gasted when they announced my name.

I really wanted to kiss the trophy, raise it over my head and do a Stanley Cup Victory Lap. 

But that probably wouldn't have gone over very well with the crowd.  Especially the other nominees.

And OF COURSE I had to rub it in to Thing 1, who couldn't be bothered to attend the award ceremony (because "it's so boring!"), that MY trophy is bigger than anything HE has ever won. 

Because who is a Gracious Winner?  

Not his Mother.

Now my big problem is finding a place to put this massive, and massively heavy trophy.  Currently, it's sitting on my kitchen island so that all visitors can't help but see it and know that they are in the presence of Greatness.

Because who's modest and humble?

Not This Gal!

Oh!  I totally need to take my trophy wherever I go and take pictures.  Dinner, the supermarket, the park, etc.  It'll be awesome!

*The AMA District 37 Sportswoman of the Year is available for (paid) personal appearances, children's parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations, photo and autograph sessions, motivational speaking engagements and attendance at hockey games.


  1. Very Cool. Well done. Makes for a nice dining table centre piece.