Thursday, February 23, 2012


As you know, I was the recipient of a tremendous award this past weekend.

And by "tremendous," I mean in both size and prestige.

This was a Big Deal for me.

So I was looking forward to see the photos that were taken that night by our racing series' Official Photographer.

Until I saw the one picture he took of me.

Or, should I say, of my back. 

And I was all, "Really?  REALLY?"

My hair looked great, by the way. 

*I* looked great, by the way.  Makeup and everything!

Not that you'll see it.  Because the only way I could get a copy of the picture of my back is if I were to buy it.

No thanks.  I'll pass.

What made the lack of a photo even more galling was that everyone else who received a Merit Award had their picture taken.  You know, "Stand there, hold up your award and Smile!"

I feel like Gretchen Weiners when she didn't get a candy cane but there was four for Glen Coco (you go, Glen Coco!)

Yeah, yeah, I know.  Boo frickety hoo.

But still.

Pity, Party of One!  Your table is ready!


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