Friday, September 16, 2011


I'm feeling like crap today.

Squishy AND warm.  Except I can't seem to get warm. 
But seriously, I've got a funky headache and my shoulder blades ache and that usually means a fever is on the way.


I'd like to blame Thing 2, or as I like to call her, "Typhoid Kaylyn" because she's been a petri dish full of germs all week and she believes in Sharing the Wealth.

Unless we're talking monetary wealth.  She don't share that shit.

So thank you my darling daughter.  You Giver, you.

So, the kitchen remodel is moving right along.  I guess.  The latest installment was the installation of the new pantry:
Which is unfinished, in case you were wondering.  But we had to get it into the house and wasn't THAT an adventure.  It involved three people, a hand-truck/dolly thingamajig AND a Fusion Scooter
for that Professional Furniture Mover touch.  And once we got it in the house and raised it in place, we discovered that it was just a teensy-weensy bit too tall.  So TheManTheMyth made some adjustments of some sort using some kind of tools (I was playing Solitaire on the computer so don't ask me what kind of adjustments or tools he used, 'kay?) it was installed and bolted to the wall and ceiling so that it won't come crashing down in the middle of an earthquake.

So the next step was to get the microwave off the counter and into its niche.

And it didn't fit.

Of course.

Just a teensy-weensy bit too tall.

Oh, you wanna hear something weird?  

Of course you do.

You know how the other day I mentioned that there were swarms of flies in my office and in the kitchen a la "Amityville Horror?"

Well, the very next day they were all gone.  JUST LIKE THAT!!  They weren't smashed with a flyswatter or sprayed with Raid Flying Insects bug spray.  They were just...Gone.  With the Wind.

Oh yeah, I have to make a correction about something.  In THIS post, I referred to Someone as Thing 1's "Girlfriend" and Someone got their panties in a twist because of that, because she is NOT his "girlfriend" any longer so pardon me.  My error. 
Oh my God, Oh my God!  Teemu Selanne is not retiring and will play another year with the Anaheim Ducks!

Oh, I'm a Happy Camper.  And am anxiously awaiting for the puck to drop on October 6.

Three more weeks.  Three more weeks.


  1. Headache, sor muscles, fever on the way? Sounds a lot like a case of strep throat to me. Just a word to the wise. Be careful and get antibiotics.

  2. *sorE muscles. Sorry for the loss of the E!