Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I lead the most exciting of lives

Oh my God!  Oh my God!  You guys, I am so excited I could just plotz!

Guess what I got yesterday?  Go on, guess!

I got my new washer and dryer!!!


Oh, I'm sure you're thinking, "she's all excited about something that involves doing laundry? Doing CHORES???  Someone needs to get a life." and you'd be right.

However, when you get to be a certain age, certain things bring joy to your life and sometimes, that certain thing is called "New Appliances."  Sue me.

Oh, I never thought I'd be so excited for appliances, although I did get pretty darn giddy over a vacuum that actually worked on the single rug in the house.

So, TheManTheMyth went and picked up the new washer and dryer and after we rassled the massive boxes into the house, I looked at the size of the boxes and then the size of the opening where they would be going and thought to myself, "This is so not going to work."

And since we would be stacking them instead of placing them side by side and we could barely move the box o' washer and dryer, that was another headscratcher as to HOW we were going to hoist the dryer on top of the washer and scoot them into their new location.  Because these things don't "scoot."

So I was sent on a mission to purchase something called "appliance rollers."
so that we could roll our appliances into place.  And I couldn't find any.  3 hardware stores AND a store that specializes in appliances and nobody carried them.

I return from my mission defeated and empty handed.  TheManTheMyth looks at the washer and dryer and I could see the wheels in his brain start turning.  He leaves without a word and comes back 15 minutes later with some parts and he makes his own appliance rollers, which took him maybe 5 minutes.  Because he's clever like that.  Like when he made The Walker.

When Thing 1 was a couple of months old, we went up to Washington for my sister's wedding.  Kevin had been getting around in a walker and it was his favorite thing and obviously, we couldn't bring it with us on the plane to Washington but we were only going to be up there for a couple of days so we should be okay, right?


Kevin was frustrated at not being able to be mobile and a Frustrated Kevin is a cranky Kevin which means EVERYONE is suffers so we needed to get that baby in a Walker stat!  The only problem was there wasn't a single Walker to be found in the small town where my mom lived.

So TheManTheMyth made one.
It was a beautiful thing.  19 years later, we still talk about The Walker.  It's taken on Legendary Status.


TheManTheMyth made his own appliance roller and then after we (TMTM, Thing 1 and I) hoisted the dryer on top of the washer, the unit was rolled into its new home:
I'm MAD about that color!  We could have got it in white but I just love that Wild Cherry.  If I was going with a vintage look for my new kitchen, I would gladly pay the $$$ to have this stove:
Because that is my dream stove.  You can keep your Vikings and Wolf commercial ranges.  I want a vintage O'Keefe and Merritt range just like my Grandma had, although hers was white, until she "updated" her kitchen in the 1970's, complete with all Harvest Gold appliances.  I wanted to weep.

Okay, back to my new washer and dryer.

TheManTheMyth gets everything all hooked up and we stand back and admire our new appliances and he tells me, "Start washing!"

And that's when I remember that it takes special laundry soap and that my regular ol' Tide ain't gonna work.  A nearly FULL box of regular ol' Tide.

Off I go to the 'Zhay and buy the special laundry soap.  AND the nice people at LG had included a $3 coupon for Tide HE in with the owners manual!  


So I throw my very first load (towels) into the wash, start it up and yes, I pulled up a chair and sat there watching the wash like it was teevee or something.

Oh, the exciting life I lead.

P.S.  Oh!  I forgot to add that when the load is done, my washer and dryer both play a little tune!  How cool is THAT!!

Happy sigh.


  1. Do you have to get a step ladder to reach the controls on the top unit or are you seven feet tall? The red is very pretty! Love that red stove too!
    I have a white HE machine. It takes four hours to do a load of towels when I use the steam santize feature! I still don't understand how that is High Efficency, but it does get the clothes clean.

  2. Congratulations on the new fancy high-falutin' machinery!

    You CAN use your regular detergent in your washer. Just use half as much.

    Very excited for you!

    p.s. I also lust after the O"keefe and Merritt stoves. But I would like a pink or aqua one.