Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This is NOT how I planned to spend my day

Here is what I had planned for my day today:

- Get out of bed.  
- Read the newspaper. 
- Get dressed and brush teeth. 
- Go downtown and look for a job.
- Hang out in front of the drugstore.
(10 points for anyone who gets that reference).
- Take Gracie to the park for our morning walk.
- Return home and eat breakfast. 
- Head to the computer to spend a delightful hour checking e-mails, Facebook, investigate Google+, read the various message boards and blogs I follow.
- Post something on my own blog, which is something I've been quite lacking in lately. 
- Do some housework.

You know, the Usual.  

Who leads an uber-exciting life?  Not I.  And I'm fine with that.

Unfortunately, TheManTheMyth had OTHER ideas on how I will spend my day.

According to him, today is Chore Day.


Today is the day baseboards get scrubbed. Crown molding gets wiped down.  The furnace and A/C filter gets scrubbed.  Floors get vacuumed THEN scrubbed.  Clutter gets tossed.  Anything not in its proper place will be tossed.  That includes personal belongings.

Right now as I type this, TheManTheMyth is outside scrubbing the exterior of our house.

And I'm having to type this on the fly.  If TMTM sees me sitting on my ass in front of the computer instead of doing my chores, shit will hit the fan.


One of us may not survive Chore Day.

Pray for me.

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