Friday, June 17, 2011

I have a new Gypsy Wagon!

No, I don't mean that I have a REAL Gypsy Wagon:
 Although I would LOVE one of these because how cool is this thing?  If I lived on a large property, meaning just a bit more than the 6,000 square foot lot my house in the 'burbs sits on now, I would have one of these and use it as either a guest room or my own little sanctuary.  A place I could just chill out in and maybe read some taro cards or peer into my crystal ball and yes, I really do have a crystal ball.  Quartz crystal, not lead.  Although I don't actually have any taro cards.  Yet.  Sorry.


In case you're wondering, my family calls me, "Gypsy" and my car is the Gypsy Wagon.


And Original.


As you may have read previously, I've been going through a bit of a car saga.  My old Gypsy Wagon, a leased 2008 Saturn Vue is getting returned and TheManTheMyth and I had different ideas for a new Gypsy Wagon.  He says "Used" and I said, "New."

And since he's the Breadwinner of the Family, he gets his way.

So I found an acceptable "previously owned" vehicle and yesterday we went to purchase said vehicle.  Which was at a dealership.  Because they offered better interest rates than the bank would if we did a private sale/purchase.


TheManTheMyth looked at the car I had found and thought it was acceptable.  

Then he took it for a test drive.

And was Not That Impressed.

But since this was to be MY Gypsy Wagon, he shrugged and said, "Well, if you're okay with it..." and while it wasn't my first choice for a car and did not have my beloved satellite radio, I could live with it.

So while our Sales Guy was running my credit report, we wandered around the lot, looking at the New Cars to pass the time.

New cars.  Which TheManTheMyth had said a big, fat "NO!" to.  And do you like how I ended that sentence in a preposition?


We're looking at the new cars and TMTM says, "Why didn't you look at these?  These are nicer!" as he points to a certain car.

And I remind him of his "We aren't getting a new car!  You don't need a new car!" vow.

And he says, "But this is better than THAT car, it has way more room inside.  And more headroom.  This is better." 

And I say (while hoping against hope), "But you told me we aren't getting a new car!"

And he looks at me, then looks at the New Car and says, "But these are better."  And for a split second, I thought he was going to say, "But these go to Eleven" and 10 points for anyone who gets that.

We looked at the sticker price then looked at each other and then looked at the sticker price again.

And then our Sales Guy comes out with my credit report (which was excellent, thank you very much) and says, "Let's go do the paperwork on (used vehicle)."

And TMTM points to the new car and says, "We want this one instead."

Behold!  The New Gypsy Wagon!
Okay, so it's not a real wagon; it's a Chevy.  And pay no attention to the fat broad making the sweeping gesture.  It was a long day and I was tired when my sister took this picture and my hair looks like crap.

But my new Gypsy Wagon has satellite radio, which the used car did not, Bluetooth, which the used car did not, the LoJack system, which neither the used car nor my Saturn did not and it gets kick-ass gas mileage, which my Saturn most assuredly Did Not.  And it came with a full tank of gas, which is always appreciated and I am absolutely giddy at the though of not having to fill up on a weekly basis.

How did I not see that I'd get a new car.  I have a crystal ball.  I should have seen this coming.


  1. Woot!!! Holla!!

    See there, it all comes around. I am so happy for you! Nothing better than a new car.

    When I was a teenager everytime any one got a new car we all piled in it and went to Sonic to "break it in". Once you get that first chili dog spill, you can relax. : )

  2. I did the same thing when I bought my Subaru Forester - thought long and hard about used - but just fell in love w/my Subaru - and I'm a former Subaru owner. I plan on keeping this car forever or at least until I can't drive anymore LOL - btw you're gorgeous Sistah! xo

  3. KellyPie-I came by after I saw your comment over at June's about the Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!
    I am hooked on it(why I do not know) and I have succeeded in getting my poor husband hooked on it! We've got to get June and the rest of the BBP people hooked as well!