Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thr Rooster Crows at Midnight

So Gracie and I are on our morning walk at our local park, which I love because nobody is there in the early morning hours except for a couple of fishermen and the firemen from the station right at the entrance out for their morning jogs and the cadets from the Police Academy on the north side of the park out for THEIR morning runs and do you wonder why I love this park so much?

Another reason I love my park is because of the flora and fauna I see every morning other than the hot and hunky firemen and police cadets.  The flock of Canada geese and their babies, the regular "Mother Goose" type of geese and their babies, the ground squirrels who chirp a warning whenever we get near their "village" and the tree squirrels who will mug you and steal your car keys if you don't hand over some peanuts.  There's also hawks, osprey, swallows, ducks, raccoons, possums, a fox once in a great while and coyotes.

And this week, there's a new resident residing at the park:
He showed up a couple of days ago and just hangs around this old, abandoned ranger station and kind of looks as if he's thinking, "How the hell did I get HERE?"  

I have no idea where he came from, it's not like he was flying south and looked down and said, "Hey!  Now there's a nice place to hang for the Summer!"

Unfortunately, I think his days are numbered, based on the interest shown by some of the fishermen.  I think they're thinking, "DINNER!" if they can catch him.

Years ago, when the Vietnamese boat people first relocated to the area, the chickens that had roamed the parking lot at Knott's Berry Farm for decades started disappearing.

America, Land of Free Catch-Your-Own Chicken!

Great.  Now I'm having a craving for Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner.


So then, I'm driving home from the park this morning and I actually hit a crow that didn't fly fast or high enough and does anyone know if that's a bad omen?  I'm thinking it is because I've got a big ol' cold sore/fever blister showing up on my lip and I got bit or stung by something, I don't know what, on my sternum area and it hurts like a MoFo and it's big and swollen and bruised-looking and did I mention it HURTS?  Oh, I'm REAL attractive right now.  Jason Statham should be knocking on my door any minute to profess his undying love for me because I'm such a catch right now what with my herp and my bite between my boobs.

But on the Good News Front, Thing 1 was notified that he is the proud recipient of a couple of grants that will cover all his tuition and books for his entire sophomore year AND the first semester of his junior year.  How relieved proud are we?

Okay, I gotta go put medicine on my Herp.

Beauty, eh?


  1. You live near Knott's Berry Farm? I would pay you large sums of money to get me a bottle of the boysenberry pancake syrup. The local bastards that run our grocery stores seem to think Smucker's Blueberry is all the excitement my pancakes need.

  2. Lisa, I actually got married at Knott's!

    Send me your address and I'll send you a big bottle of the boysenberry pancake syrup. It'll give me an excuse to go to Knott's.