Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random stuff because I'm awake at 5:30am

So today is the first day of Summer Vacation, which means I don't have to get up at 6:00am for the next few months.

Which is why I've been wide awake since Dark:00am.  Because the goddamn yapdog next door has been yapping it's high pitch, shrill yap since 4:30am and Ima go and punt that thing if it doesn't shut the fuck up.  Why yes, it IS a Chihuahua, how did you know?

So I'm laying there, listening to this non-stop yapping, asking myself, "WHY ME, LORD?" and TheManTheMyth and Thing 1 leave for work after making as much noise as possible and turning on as many lights as possible and I'm all, "I can go back to sleep now" but no, Petunia (of COURSE that's the name of the dog.  Which is a male.  Go figure) continues to yap and yap and yap and yap and this whole time, Gracie Lou is comatose on her back in the middle of the bed, completely oblivious to the yapping dog next door and I finally threw in the towel and got out of bed.

For the last few weeks, I've been waking up at Buttcrack O' Dawn, even when I don't need to and who is getting more than a little pissed about it?  This gal.  I don't know if it's a menopause thing, a "too much on my mind" thing or a goddamn fucking dog that won't shut the fuck up thing.

Or a combination of all 3.  All I know is that there have been a few times I've been up before TMTM and he's all, "What are YOU doing up?  Oh.  Well, since you're up, clean the house, wash your car."

Um, no.

Instead, I'm checking my e-mails, messageboards, Facebook, Damn You Auto Correct, which is guaranteed to make whatever you're drinking come shooting out of your nose because it's THAT FUNNY and to continue to shop for a lightly-used vehicle.  Because despite my massive slip of the tongue moment the night before, I made it quite clear to TMTM that we are not keeping my car and that if he wants to pay money for a gas guzzler, there are much cheaper SUVs out there because dealers are practically paying YOU to buy those these days.

And late last night, I went back to the dealer website of the car I've been looking at and saw that they just dropped the price another $1500.00 and why yes, I went and woke up TMTM to tell him that.  So I'll be calling the dealer this morning to go and have a look-see.  Wish me luck there.

Okay, who is absolutely glued to their seat over the Stanley Cup Finals?  This has been the most exciting Stanley Cup and I love that it's come down to Game 7 except that throughout the series, the home team has won each game and tonight's game is in Vancouver and well, I'm kind of cheering for Boston.  But Thing 2 is pulling for the Canucks so watching the games has been full of quaint expressions such as "SUCK ON THAT!" and "LOSER!" and "#WINNING!!" and things might get rather ugly tonight.  And of course, no matter who ends up hoisting the Cup, I'll get all teary-eyed and need a tissue, which is pronounced, "tis-syew" for dramatic purposes.

Well, Petunia has stopped his infernal yapping but now there's a murder of crows outside, screeching and cawing and circling and screeching and cawing and it's times like these I wish I had a sling shot.

It's drizzling outside right now.  And why did I have to include the word "outside" in that statement?  It's not like it's drizzling INSIDE.

I'm going back to bed.


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  1. When I have had those kinds of days, my dad used to say "Who the hell pissed on your Post Toasties?"

    Have you considered getting some doggie valium or some Bach Rescue Remedy for pets and putting it on treats and tossing them over the fence to little Petunia? As much as I hate the little ankle-bitting yippers, I have to ask wtf are his parents doing throwing the little bastard out at 4 in the a.m.? That's just bad pet-parenting, that is. Shame on them.