Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ticked off Tuesday

Today is Ticked Off Tuesday and lemme tell you, if you want to see a good list of things people are ticked off about, go on over to ByeByePie and read the comments.  We're a ticked off bunch over there.

Here's some of the things my beloved family does that really ticks me off:
Whenever we run out of iced tea, the pitcher gets placed in front of the Ice Tea Maker where it will sit until *I* make a fresh pot.  Nobody else seems to know how this thing works.  And yes, I hate my kitchen tile.  Someday, maybe, we'll remodel the kitchen.  But why rush these things.

Putting dirty dishes NEXT to the sink:
Instead of IN the dishwasher that is SO far from the sink:
Not unloading the dishwasher because "I didn't know the dishes were clean" despite a teeny tiny clue:
They are also incapable of closing cupboard doors:
Or doors of any kind:
They have the ability to ignore burned out lights:
And they find it too difficult to stretch their arm in the OTHER direction where the laundry basket is located.  So they just drop their clothes on the floor.
And if you think any one of these photos were staged, you'd be wrong.


  1. I have the same scenario in my abode. I can tell you everywhere my DH has been by what doors and drawers are left half-way open. There's a huge number of partially open things left in his wake.

    The tea pitcher thing is the same in my house only it is orange juice. so there is lots of crusty dried-on orange pulp to deal with.

  2. If it makes you feel better, it's exactly the same at my house too. Except add that noone ever refills the poor dog's water bowl. She will be standing next to the empty bowl panting in desperation as she slowly dies of thirst and everyone in this house just walks right past her. And noone is this house is capable of walking to the hall closet and getting another roll of tp when they run out.

    I live with a bunch of disgusting slobs.

  3. What is it about closing a damn door???? I could start at one end of my house and slam shut multiple doors and drawers in every single room. EVERY.ROOM.

    I won't even get in on the toilet paper.