Friday, December 31, 2010

Happiness is seeing 2010 in the rear view mirror!

Can you believe another year has come and gone?  I know you are all dying to hear about MY family's exciting year!

TheManTheMyth has had a pretty good year, work-wise.  The construction industry seems to have gotten its second wind so TheManTheMyth has been kept quite busy, which is such a relief because there were a couple of times I thought I would actually have to go out and get a job and we all know how I feel about THAT.  "Work" is one of those four letter words I try to avoid.

TheManTheMyth also had a great racing year.  He ended up 4th overall for the 50+ age group, which is one of the most competitive in our racing district.  Those old guys still haul butt.  He also competed in the Kenda National Hare & Hound Series and will carry either the N5M plate for next year or the N6M plate.  We're not sure because it turns out there are two separate versions of the Official Final standings and nobody seems to know which is which but they better get it straightened out pretty quick is what I'm saying.  We need to order the special National plate and N?M just wouldn't look right.

2010 was the year Thing 2 decided to retire from playing hockey after 8 years.  She had made it to the Championship game on various teams more times than we can count but was always the bridesmaid and never the bride.  We knew she was done when during her final season she pretty much played what we liked to call, "Watch hockey," where she mostly just skates along and watches everyone else go after the puck.
 As you can see from this picture at her final (unsuccessful) shot at the Championship, the enthusiasm was GONE.  Since her retirement, Thing 2 has become quite the accomplished cave dweller and by cave, I mean her bedroom.  She has also been working hard on her power-sleeping and considers it a perfect night's rest when she can remain comatose until the afternoon without anyone trying to disturb her beauty rest. She's a real go-getter, our Thing 2 is!

We lost our Lucy back in February.  Well, we didn't really "lose" her; I know exactly where she is and that is in a lovely box in my curio cabinet, along with a couple of other deceased pets and fathers. 
6 weeks later, we made an impromptu drive to Alhambra and came home with Gracie Lou:
She keeps us on our toes and does her Daddy love her!  Except when she pees on the patio instead of the grass.  Then the love goes out the door. 

I'm still a steward for AMA District 37 Off-road Division.  It keeps me off the streets and out of the bars although I did take a year-long sabbatical from the races.  And liked it.  And am no hurry to go back to the desert.  I also took a cruise from Seattle to Vancouver and back.  
And got seasick.  Again.  And missed the dress-up night.  Again.  Can't wait to take my next cruise!

Out of all of us, Thing 1 had the most eventful year.  He got his new KTM 250XC on January 1st and on January 2nd he did this to his kneecap:

which put his racing on hold for a couple of months.  Two weeks after he returned to racing, he did THIS:
The boy is not a cheap date.  In June, Thing 1 graduated with Honors from Los Alamitos High School:
In September, Our Little Boy started his freshman year at California State University Long Beach, where he will major in Environmental Studies.  2 weeks into the school year, he was riding his bicycle home from school when he was mowed down by a hit-and-run driver:
The bike did not survive.

Kevin also put all those "Is he gay?" rumors to rest by getting himself a real live girlfriend!

The highlight of Kevin's year was being chosen to race in the historic Catalina Grand Prix, where he finished 4th overall.  Unfortunately, we don't have any photos because the photographer was too intoxicated to be able to tell if the camera was focused.

Being college students, Kevin and several friends decided to experience the infamous Halloween festivities at UC Santa Barbara.  As they drove off, I gave everyone two pieces of advice:  1) Don't die and B) Don't get arrested. 
Turns out the Santa Barbara Police Department did not find a drunken 18 year old stumbling through the streets while dressed in a $12 pirate costume all that amusing.  Luckily, they did eventually decide that a night in County Jail was punishment enough and dropped the charges.

Well, 2010, I'd just like to say "So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, goodbye!"  And don't let the door hit ya in the ass!


  1. Boys will just be hellions, won't they?

    My neighbor has 3 boys the same age as my girls. There always seems to be police and tickets and hospital visits and various other bits of mayhem in boys' lives. Girls just turn into raging bitches during their PMS times. I'm not sure which one is worse.

    It sounds like 2010 was a keeper for you. Congratulations. I wish the same for you in 2011.

  2. Sounds like you had a very exciting 2010!! Life with kids really keeps you on your toes!