Monday, May 10, 2010

Lindsay Lohan is not my child, thank God!

I was all set to post about my Mother's Day and all the presents and flowers and special treatment that I didn't get from my family and I was going to add some cheese with my whine to go along with it.  But first I decided to eat my lunch, a salad from Trader Joe's, and read the latest edition of US Weekly and after reading one particular story, I totally changed my intent.

Despite my kids not doing anything special for me, their Mother, who suffered two difficult pregnancies and traumatic deliveries just to give them Life, on Mother's Day, I just have to thank my lucky stars that I have two really great kids.  

Unlike so many parents today, I've never had a phone call from jail or a hospital letting me know they have my kid.  I've never found my kids passed out on the front lawn, wearing a toga and covered in dog urine.  I've never had the disappointing experience of hearing, "Mom, I'm pregnant/I got this girl pregnant" and I hope and pray I don't hear those words until my children are married to their BabyMama and/or BabyDaddy and it's at least another 10 years until that time.  I don't have to issue statements to the press denying on a weekly basis that my child is a drug addict/alcoholic/sex addict/kleptomaniac.  I don't have to read the news that my child is an alcoholic/drug addict/sex addict/kleptomaniac.  

I've never had to take my kids to rehab for the third time.  I've never had to commit my child to a psychiatric unit.  I've never had to call the cops on my own child because I thought they were a danger to themselves and to others.

What I do have is a daughter who tells me every day that I'm beautiful, even when I don't have makeup on and my gray roots are an inch wide and I have a big pimple on the end of my nose.  I have a son who doesn't push me away when I want to hug him.  Well, sometimes.  It's hit and miss.  I have two children who tell me they love me on a regular basis.

I have two children who make me proud and that is better than flowers and cards any day.


  1. Great post, Kelly. And you have to pat yourself on the back because good kids don't just grow on trees.

    And I love your first line, that was a keeper.

    I feel fortunate, too, as sloppy as my kids are and as sassy as they can be, they are good girls. They don't get into trouble. They all make the honor role. They are sweet and kind and they love their momma. What else could I ask for?

    Happy Belated Mother's Day.

  2. You are so right! I am lucky that way too!!

  3. I was having my own private pity party on my way to taking my son to his referee-ing gig on Sunday afternoon. But as I watched that 13-year-old boy being sweet as pie to these little 7-year-old girls and running himself up and down the soccer field, my self pity turned to pride.

    Glad you can save the whine and cheese for another occasion!

    Steve's wife Beth

  4. Target Steve's wife Beth! Welcome!

  5. Kelly, I had to come over and say, I LOVED that movie, just for Aidan alone. It made me fall in love with him and I still love him, love him, love him. I'm surprised he never became a leading man with his gorgeous self and his great acting and his smoldering sexiness.

    I, too, watched it like a bazillion times. I went on youtube yesterday, to see if I could find any good scenes to use. I decided not to use them, because I had so many videos already, but if you go to youtube there's a few scenes from the movie, primarily the dance scene and the vandalizing scene. Go enjoy.

    I hope you do a list.