Friday, April 23, 2010

Then and Now

Ok, this is the view from my front yard circa 1954 when my grandparents bought the house:

This is the same view taken yesterday:
 I had found the original photo mixed in with a bunch of old pictures and I thought it was fascinating to see what our neighborhood looked like before the 405 Freeway, aka "San Diego Freeway" cut right down the middle of the neighborhood.

I'm going to have the original photo enlarged and framed and hung in my entryway so I can be reminded of What Used to Be. 


  1. That is pretty cool. I know you're probably none too happy about the chopping off of the neighborhood, but the little neighborhood you have now looks better than it did then. The trees, the lawns. Looks like it is a well loved neighborhood.

  2. Joann, the neighborhood on the other side of the freeway looks like it's mostly rental houses despite once being part of my neighborhood. It's like night and day. I would love to see an aerial view of the pre-freeway neighborhood.

  3. Wow. This is a beautiful neighborhood. Its nice to see how much has changed in fifty six years. I wonder how much more will change in the coming years!

    Have a good day...:)

  4. When I went back to my neighborhood in CA after many years.. the freeway had taken many houses and many memories!!