Friday, March 19, 2010

Now THAT is a Gypsy Wagon!

Ok, somehow, someway, my family has started calling me "Gypsy."  I think it started when Thing 1 saw "Borat" and thought it was the funniest thing 
and somehow TheManTheMyth, as well as Thing 1's posse of cronies, followed his lead and now everyone calls me "Gypsy" and I'm asked if I have my tambourine.  Ha.  Ha.

So now the running/inside joke in our family, which includes Thing 1's cronies who I love like they're my own kids only I didn't have to give birth to them and toilet train them and I can kick them out if they piss me off, is if I mess something up, I'm told to take my tambourine and go back to my Gypsy Wagon
Well, take a gander at a different kind of Gypsy Wagons:

Can you believe all that chrome?  Seriously, these Gypsy Caravans are incredible!  But wait!  The interiors are to DIE for!
These are not your regular RV's.  Oh no.  They're full of chrome and cut glass and etched mirrors and gilding and more chrome and they are so kitschy and tacky they're FABULOUS!

That's the type of Gypsy Wagon I'm talking about!  I would be more than happy to be sent to my Gypsy Wagon if it were one of those.  As long as I didn't have to polish all that chrome.


  1. Gypsies scare the snot out of me! We went to Italy a few years ago and were warned about them, but they are everywhere in Rome! They're dark and scary-looking and they're just waiting to make you their victim. A gentleman in the hotel we were staying at said they got his wallet and passport that were INSIDE his suit pocket and he didn't feel a thing! Stealth bombers, that's what they are!

    But, that's not the worst of it.

    Aways back I worked in a bank that had a predominantly older crowd of clients. We had to keep a careful eye on the older crowd, unfortunately because of all the con artists that tried to steal their money and their worst predators were, you guessed it, the traveling packs of gypsies who would come to town promising home repairs, but they had to have their money first.

    One of my favorite old couples came in one day in such a state wanting to get several thousand dollars out of their account because they'd been told their house was about to collapse and they needed structural repair done immediately. They came to my desk. I calmed them down and asked them who'd told them this. They pointed to the door where a couple stood. I could tell they were gypsies from the look of them. I got our police officer and went over to address them. The police officer ended up arresting them and hauling them off, but before they did the woman starting hissing at me in her language. Then she spit on the ground and told me she had put a curse on me.

    I tell you I was so worked up over that curse. I still am. I'm still waiting for the curse to kill me. Those gypsy caravans make me want to cry. I've got to go look at a puppy now or a flower because I'm gonna be thinking bout gypsies now all day. Sniff.

  2. Wow. That Gypsy Wagon looks awesome. I thought, RV's were the one that were furnished well. These look amazing. I should consider living in one, once I am older!

    Have a good day!:)

  3. Joann, we have that problem here as well. Mostly with construction scams involving senior citizens but there was a band of them that befriended elderly people and took over their lives and bank accounts and bled them dry.

    But those wagons and caravans? Gaudy, yes, but Divine!

  4. I want a gypsy wagon!!! I think it would be to show up at Burning Man in one of these babies...too cool!

  5. That is a lot of chrome and glass. I wouldn't mind being sent to that gypsy wagon.