Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's your name, little girl, what's your name?

Ok, so almost 3 weeks ago we adopted our new dog
The shelter had given her the name "Rosie" because of her rosy nose and personality.  She is a happy little dog who loves her new home and family.  But one of the first things we did was come up with a new name for her because "Rosie" just didn't cut it.  And since I'm all about naming my pets human names, names like Lady, Misty, Dusty weren't even considered.  And no Mollys or Maggies either thankyouverymuch.  Thing 1 suggested "Janis" after Janis Joplin, which was vetoed, Thing 2 suggested "Sadie" but that didn't fit either.  Then Thing 1 suggested "Grace" after Grace Slick and can you tell that my 17 year old son likes 70's rock and I said howzabout "Gracie" and Gracie she became.  Then she became Gracie Lou after Sandra Bullock's character "Gracie Lou Freebush" in "Miss Congeniality."  

But just like those pedigreed AKC dogs that have fancy names like "Anthem's Showboat Roaring Eagle" but are called "Bubba" instead, nobody in the family really uses our pets given names and Gracie Lou is no exception.  For some reason, TheManTheMyth has started calling her "Rachel" which is the name of my sister Jamie's dog.  Thing 1 calls her "Little Gypsy Dog" or just plain "Little Dog" and danged if I don't find myself calling her that as well.  And Thing 1's crony Wyatt calls her "New Lu."

Oddly enough, she seems to respond to all her names and sometimes none of her names. But if I need her to come to me, the most effective way is not calling her by any of her names and alias.  Oh no, if I need her to come, all I have to do is jingle my car keys and she is at my side in the blink of an eye.  Maybe I should have named her "Jingles" or "Car Keys."  Of course if we had named her "Jingles" or "Car Keys" we still would have called her something completely different.

Here's a picture of Rachel:
New Lu:
Little Gypsy Dog:
 I sure hope she doesn't end up with an identity crisis.


  1. Aw, she is a sweet looking little girl. I would imagine being a rescue she is so happy to have someone call her she really doesn't care what name you use.

  2. She looks really cute. Maybe, she loves names...:)
    Little Dog? I just hope, the name doesn't degrade to just "Dog"!
    She seems to have fit into your home perfectly.

    Have a good day!

  3. Whatever you call your dog, she will come no matter what because she unconditionally loves you - that's what they do - it's more in the tone of your voice, than the actual "word" you use to call them. I can say "Heysh*tforbrains" in a sweet voice to my fur-child and she will trot on over to be petted. Devoted Spouse named her Emma and I added on the Lou coz Emma just sounded too stuck up for a Golden Destroyer. She also answers to Precious, Pup-Pup, Black Nose, Punkin, and a host of other names such as DammitEmmaLouGetYourAssInHereNow...

  4. oops, forgot to add btw she is gorgeous and a fine addition to the family - those beautiful eyes! ;)

  5. I forgot to add that Thing 2 calls her "G Lou" which I hate because it sounds way too "Jersey Shore."

  6. Those eyes are just gorgeous. My dogs respond to, "You ready to go?" And they're by my side ready for the car ride.

  7. Rosie is an awesome name for such a beautiful blue-eyed, rosy-nosed puppy. I'm sure Rosie is thankful for you rescuing her regardless of what you call her.

  8. She is a beautiful dog!! She may end up with several personalitys!:0