Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who? Her. Huh.

This morning, while driving my darling daughter, Kaylyn, aka "Thing 2" aka "Little Mama" aka "Her.") to school this morning, I happened to mention to her that I found out that I had blog readers who read my blog every day but don't "follow" me on Google so I want to give a Shout Out to Natalie, Gabby, Deja and everyone else at Nancy Corzine. 

Anyway, I told Thing 2 this and she mentioned that she hadn't read my blog in several weeks because, and this is SO Her, I didn't talk about Her so she (Who?  Her.  Huh.) saw no reason to read her own mother's blog.  What?!?!?  I risked my life to give birth to Her (breech birth, placenta previa, blah blah blah) and she can't be bothered to read my blog because I haven't mentioned Her?  Fine, I said.  I'll mention you, I said.  I'll be more than happy to tell everyone, including everyone at Nancy Corzine who all know and love Her (just ask Her, she'll tell you that), that She (Who?  Her.  Huh.) will NOT be participating in the Spring Season of Hockey because SOMEONE (Who?  Her.  Huh.) is getting a big fat PHAIL in one class, which has brought her GPA down below 3.0, which is the requirement for both of my offspring to participate in their chosen sport.

She (Who?  Her.  Huh.) has been playing hockey since her brother tied pillows to her legs, plopped a helmet on her head and stuck her in goal in the garage.  

That was the start of her promising hockey career and she moved up through the ranks 
and even made it to the Coast Cup Championships several times, although she's never had the privilege of actually hoisting the Cup as a Champion. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride:
This is the first time she will be sitting out a season but hey, SOMEONE has become a bit of slacker in her freshman year and now She must pay the piper.

Now the drawback to Her not playing hockey is keeping her occupied for the next three months.  And by "occupied" I don't mean sitting in her cave of a room playing video games and watching all those skanky teen dramas on the CW.  That's what caused her to slack off on homework and receive that big ol' "F" which does NOT stand for "Fantastic" on her mid-quarter progress report.

So all you faithful followers over at Nancy Corzine, I'm sure you'll be graced with Her presence when she goes on Spring Break.  No sleeping in until noon for Her.  And if anyone has suggestions on how else to keep her occupied and hopping while she is benched from hockey, let me know.

All suggestions will be considered.


  1. Now, that's a pretty girl!

    Yeah, we have a rule in our house. You make good grades and the mom won't kill you.

    Now, my girls HATE it when I blog about them except for my youngest, she reads it every time I post and loves it when I comment on her. The other 2 just bitch and moan. They're very good at it.

  2. I think she should be put to work serving her community. And by "serving her community", I mean babysitting my darling prince. They can play Wii all day and watch the CW. She'll never fail a class again. I guarantee it.

  3. Its good to know she's taking Hockey seriously. I did the same with Cricket. That wasn't my thing. So, I decided to waste my time in front of the Television.
    Has she planned upon taking any Hobbies? Just asking!

    Have a wonderful day Kelly... :)

  4. You sound like an awesome mommy!! Don't feel bad my grown girls hardly ever read or comment on my blog!! She's a cutie by the way!!