Friday, February 5, 2010

One Hundred

Yes folks, today marks my 100th, that's "One Hundred and th," posts.  Who's all patting herself on the back at her ability to be able to come up with 100 things worth blogging about even if nobody bothered to comment for the first, I dunno, 75+ posts.

When the Offspring were in kindergarten, to mark 100 days of school, they had to do a poster that contained 100 things.  I think for both kids, we glued 100 buttons to a piece of poster board in patterns.  Knowing me, after Thing 1 moved on and Thing 2 started kindergarten, I probably white-out'd his name and wrote in Thing 2's name, whichever one she was going by at the time since she was going by the moniker "Bill" as well as her given name of Thing 2 in those days, because I knew we'd be doing the "100" project and I'm all about recycling.

Ok, I'm not going to be writing 100 different fragments of my week even if it IS "Friday Fragments" and if I knew how to link my blog to the trillions of other bloggers who participate in "Friday Fragments I would but I don't so I won't so you can all breathe a sign of relief that I'm not going to bore you with 100 different items in one post, 'kay?

Let's see, Thing 1 had his post-surgery doctor visit and we got new pictures of his bionic knee:
Pretty cool, eh?  A friend of mine told me that her husband has screws in his knee and that you can feel the tops of the screws under the skin which made me go "ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH" and flail my arms around.  This after sitting in a Vietnamese tattoo parlor yesterday and watching an Asian Gangbanger get his eyebrow pierced without me even flinching.  I so don't get body piercing.  I think it's gross.  Every time I see someone with a pierced belly button, my gorge rises.  And lip piercing.  I've never seen anyone with a pierced lip that their lip didn't look all infected and they talk like that character from the Fat Albert cartoon who sounded like he was saying "Eeba ooba bobba."  Remember that?  So yeah, I give body piercing 2 thumbs down.

I'm sure by now you're yourself, "Self, what the hell was Kelly doing in a Vietnamese tattoo parlor?  I must know!"  Ok, I was in the neighborhood and said to myself, "Hey, let's go see what's happening in this here tattoo parlor and if I'm lucky, I'll get to watch some gangbanger get inked and pierced and therefore have something to blog about!" since I'm always on the lookout for blog fodder.  Nah, I'm kidding.  Not about being at the tattoo parlor, that was true, but about why I was there and no, Mom and Sisters, I did not get another tattoo.  A friend of mine did and she needed someone to hold her hand and her jewelry and she knew I'm always up for adventures like this.  Although I am considering getting another one but it's not high on my list of priorities.  But if I do get a 2nd one, I don't think I'll go to this particular place.  The clientele (other than us) had me constantly on the lookout for drive bys.

And on that criminal note, I will leave you with a photo of my mom, my sister and me taken with a famous murderer.  I'm on the right wearing L'Eggs Sheer Energy pantyhose with Candies. Not only was I a Fashion Don't but obviously I've Got Friends in Low Places.


  1. Oh, I had Candies! I loved them! Does that picture now just give you the creepiest of creepy shudders?

    We did the 100 thing, too. The first girl pounded 100 nails into a board. First child, we were ambitious. 2nd child brought in 100 hair ties. I have 3 girls, hair ties are everywhere. 3rd girl brought in 100 stuffed animals, which sadly she had. She is a stuffed animal queen.

    I hate nose and tongue piercings. When I think about all the germs embedded in that piercing hole I shudder, like you must when you look at your group hug with a murderer.

  2. Let me pop that friday fragment cherry for ya -

    Copy the url of your blog, or if you're really snazzy, the url of your specific post

    Go here:

    Select the right day (today is Feb 5)

    click the Mr. linky thing and paste in your link.

    Scroll over to the side and copy the code under friday fragment button

    Go back to your blog, EDIT your post and paste in her button code stuff

    Send Dementia chocolate (and snow)

    Who's your favorite camper now???

  3. The King DEMANDS to know the story of that photo. You know he watched the whole OJ trial and went to the same high school as OJ. Please enlighten as soon as possible.

  4. Congrats to you on your 100th post. Well, the X-rays look pretty scary. I didn't get any screws but was operated on my knee...

    In the photo. All I could read was the "famous murderer. What's up with that?

    Have a great weekend...:)