Friday, September 4, 2009

The trails are alive with the sound of music

Now that the offspring are back in school, my walking schedule has been altered. Before, I would arrive at the Nature Center for my walk anywhere between 8 and 8:30am. But with the school schedule, I knew that I would be leaving the house by 7:15 in order to get Thing 2 to school on time but I figured I'd slow down to 5 MPH, tell Thing 2 to "tuck and roll!" as she was flung out of the car and I'd head on to the park from there.

That was the plan. But here's the thing, Nature Center doesn't open until 8:00am. The distance between there and the school drop-off zone is a whopping three minutes. I'm at the park at 7:30am. I can't go home and then go back because I'm already 1,000 miles over on my stupid car than I should be for this time. I'm still flabbergasted that I drive well over 1,000 miles a month especially since I don't work. Good thing I didn't get the 10,000 miles a year lease or I'd REALLY be screwed. Anyway, at first I figured I'd just sit at the park and read a book until the gates open. But yesterday, I said to myself, "Self, this is stupid. You're at a park with a walking/bike path, get off your ass and walk a loop and THEN do your Nature Center walk! Jeez, how lazy can you get Miss 'I'll just sit on my ass and read for 1/2 and hour'. I don't think so, girlfriend!"

So to make a long story short (too late!) I walked a loop around the park first and then did my usual Nature Center walk. And lemme tell you, walking at the park is a snooze and a half. No critters, no challenging terrain, just a flat concrete path. So today I had the idea of bringing my iPod with me and listening to music to make the park walk not so boring. Brilliant, eh? It really did make the walk much better, so much better that I continued to listen to music as I walked at the Nature Center. For some reason, listening to music made me kick it up a notch so that instead of just walking, I was Power Walking! Yay, me!

I hit "random" and this is what came up:

"The Jean Genie" by David Bowie. Memories of a Hernandez Christmas Party and pogo-ing to this song.

"Rock Bottom" by UFO. I can't hear this song without thinking of high school. There was a local band called "Five O'Clock Shadow" that used to play covers of UFO songs and my friend Angie was kind of seeing the lead singer so we'd go and see them play. They had a cute drummer, too.

"Handlebars" by Flobots. Love this song. Love. It.

"Reach for the Sky" by Social Distortion. Several years ago, we went and saw Social D at the Anaheim House of Blues. Concert was great, experience was awful because TheManTheMyth over-indulged (to put it mildly) and completely ruined the night. Every time I hear this song, I get pissed off all over again. But it's still a great song.

"Fever" by Miss Peggy Lee. If I was to ever do karaoke (and trust me, I won't and you should thank me profusely for that), this is the song I would choose. No particular reason.

"The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson. Best tribal drum beat ever.

"Because I Got High" by Afroman. I'm sure I was getting strange looks because this song always makes me laugh out loud. For reals.

"Jive Talkin" by the BeeGees. I had a hard time keeping from dancing while I was walking.

"Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf. Let me sleep on it, baby baby, let me sleep on it.

"Ripple" by Jane's Addiction. A great cover of the Grateful Dead song and it was the perfect "cool down" song when I finished my walk.

So now I will always listen to music while I'm walking because it makes my walking better and it's fun for the people coming up behind me and trying to pass me and I'm completely unaware because I'm too busy rocking out to notice that I'M the one blocking their way.

They should just be grateful I'm not singing out loud. Because trust me, that is something that NOBODY should ever be subjected to.

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