Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well, THAT was a bust!

I'm STILL trying to find a bra that a) fits and b) doesn't feel like a torture device that will make me confess to shenanigans nobody needs to know about. "Ve haf vays of making you talk!" So on the advice of 2 of the 3 or so non-family members that actually read my blog (and comment!), I decided to give Frederick's of Hollywood a try. This should have been a no-brainer as Freddy's of H'wood has been providing lingerie for the large breasted woman for decades.

So off I go to one of the few malls in my neck of the woods that has a FofH and since I have no idea which end of the mall the store is located, it makes sense that I would park at the complete opposite end and have to hoof it the entire length of the mall.

I find the store and notice they do indeed have a nice selection of bras that aren't the trashy red satin bra with black lace that comes to mind when someone says "Frederick's of Hollywood." The helpful clerk asks me what I'm looking for and I tell her. And guess what? They don't carry my size. They either have the right band size but not cup size or they have the cup size but not the band size. PHAIL! Frederick's of Hollywood is a bust. I want to weep.

I dejectedly plodded back down the length of the mall (racking up those 10,000 steps!) and decide to give Macy's another shot. The last time I went to Macy's, I was trying on the wrong size so now that I knew my real size, maybe I'd have better luck.

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, I found some bras that a) actually fit properly and by properly I mean that people better not get too close or they'll get an eye poked out because the F-Troops are standing at attention! and b) don't feel like a torture device that will make me confess to shenanigans that nobody needs to know about.

And the best part is, I got 2 bras for the same price that I paid for 1 of the torture devices so Ha! I win! Take THAT you ridiculously over-priced uncomfortable LeMystere bras! I smite you!

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  1. i think you should give freddy's another try... as about 'sister sizes'... they use the same size wire, for instance, in a 36d and 38c. also, check out their website.. they carry extended sizes in some styles.