Thursday, November 15, 2012


As you know, we have a new baby on our hands.  And who do we just absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE?  The new baby puppy.  Who we all just continue to call, "Little Puppy Baby."  

I don't know why we can't come up with a name for her. I wanted to call her, "Cookie" because she is the same color as a sugar cookie and just as sweet but THAT suggestion was shot down by the rest of the family.  And nobody likes any other suggestion so "Little Puppy (Baby)" it is for now.

But anyhoo, she is just the cutest, sweetest, funnest (AND funniest!) little puppy baby!

And I will never sound this gushy about any future grandchildren, guaranteed.

Even TheManTheMyth loves her:
However, Little Puppy is now going through the teething stage.  And she is in the process of losing her baby teeth.  I keep finding little tiny baby puppy teeth on the floor:

She gnaws on anything she can get her paws on including but not limited to:

Gracie Lou
Her food bowl
Gracie Lou
A Belt Buckle
Various Official Chew Toys
Gracie Lou
The outside corner of her crate
Gracie Lou

And the other day I caught her chewing on something shiny and when I took it away from her, it was this:
Yes, it's an earring.  No, I don't think those are genuine diamonds (dammit!).  The kicker is that I have never seen that earring before in my life.  It's not one of mine, Thing 2 does not have pierced ears nor do the menfolk who live here and Thing 1's on-again GF also denied ownership.

Where did it come from?  Who is missing an earring?  These are questions that must be answered.

And that's the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth!


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