Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 Do you know what that picture is of?  And yes, I did end my sentence with a preposition and I'm going to Grammar Hell in a bucket and I will enjoy the ride.

But back to the original question.

That picture is of my finished kitchen countertops AND backsplash.


TheManTheMyth finished up on Sunday and I love Love LOVE the results.

Here's a closeup of the counter:
Can you believe it's CONCRETE?

I KNOW!!!!!

At the rate TMTM is going, this kitchen remodel might will be finished by 2013.

And no, that date is not a misprint.

There is still lots left to do.  The ceiling still needs to be sanded (again) and painted (again).  

The entry needs a little, um, help
the hardwood floors (still) need to be refinished, the living room will have to be painted so yeah, 2013 is a legitimate finish estimate.

Because why rush these things?


  1. Those are the most gorgeous countertops I have ever seen! It would make me never want to cook again to keep them pristine!

  2. OHH Kelly, those are GORGEOUS!! It's so shiny, how can it be concrete? Love your red door too!

  3. I saw poured concrete counters recently in one of the homes on a home tour and immediately thought of you and wondered how you liked them. The homeowner spoke highly of her counters. Please tell me what you think of them now that they have been installed. They look wonderful.

    Congratulations on your 10k training. Once upon a time, I actually ran the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta. Ok, "ran" is stretching the truth quite a bit, but I walked/jogged it. It was me and 39,999 of my closest friends.

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